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Joseph Choonara

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As Joseph Choonara is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Joseph Choonara included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Winter 2005: Marx or the multitude? (book review)

Winter 2007 The state of revolutions (book review)

Summer 2007: Marx’s “transformation” made easy (book review)

Summer 2007 Mary’s monster (film review)

Winter 2008: The united front

Spring 2009: In the shadow of orthodox Trotskyism (book review)

Summer 2009: Marxist accounts of the current crisis

Autumn 2009: A note on Goldman Sachs and the rate of profit

Summer 2010: Economic development

Winter 2010: Another side of Chris Harman

Winter 2011: Decoding capitalism (book review)

Summer 2011: The relevance of permanent revolution

Autumn 2011: Once more (with feeling) on Marxist accounts of the crisis

Spring 2012: Once more (with feeling) on Marxist accounts of the crisis (book review)

Summer 2012: A reply to David McNally

Autumn 2012: Round-up on political economy

Spring 2013: The class struggles in Europe

Autumn 2013: Neoliberalism and the British working class (with Jane Hardy)

Spring 2014: Financial times (book review)

Autumn 2015: Brand new, you’re retro (book review)

Spring 2016: PostCapitalism – A reply to Pete Green

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