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George Clarke

Push the Campaign for the New
Twice-Weekly Socialist Appeal!

Get Started on the Two-a-Week Appeal Drive

(27 April 1940)

From Socialist Appeal, Vol. IV No. 17, 27 April 1941, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The drive to restore the Two-A-Week Socialist Appeal, begun spontaneously at the convention amid great enthusiasm, has been formally launched by the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party.

The drive is scheduled to begin on May 1st and continue for 60 days ending on July 1st at which time the Two-A-Week Socialist Appeal will commence publication.

Branches of the party and comrades throughout the country have been primed for the campaign and have been awaiting only the opening gun to get under way. As previously reported in the Socialist Appeal pledges were made, at the very first suggestion at the convention banquet, totalling more than $4,000. Since then other pledges have been coming through. A complete list of these pledges will be given in an early issue of the Appeal.

Already $500 of these pledges have been redeemed and word is reaching us every day that more is on the way. Quotas are being assigned to all branches of the party and, as in the first twice-weekly Appeal campaign, there is every indication that we will go over the top in record time. Prizes will be awarded those branches which top the list in speed and amounts.

Preparations are being made to contact all sympathizers of the party to enable them to cooperate with us in this campaign. From reports of those who have visited party friends, it appears that results from this work will be highly gratifying. The revolutionary and class conscious workers have been hard-pressed in this permanent depression, but there is still money among them to back the work that is speeding the Socialist Revolution in the United States.

All that need be done is to go and get it!

Do you need arguments for those who are not already convinced of the necessity of the Two-A-Week Socialist Appeal? Then tell them this:

The flames of the European war are already licking at the front door of the United States. Roosevelt is breaking his neck to get us into the slaughter in double-quick time. There is little time left for openly spreading the message of Revolutionary Socialism to the American workers. But there is time enough to reach the workers in the auto plants, the steel mills, on the ships and the docks, the truckdrivers, and the rest of the proletarians who keep the wheels of industry going. Only these men can smash the plans of Wall Street and bring peace and security to this country. They must be contacted now. They must be contacted frequently.

They must be contacted with a Two-A-Week Socialist Appeal. What class conscious worker will say no to this argument? How can he ? Every word of it is truth, demonstrated and demonstrable.

How about it? Let’s hit the ball and keep going until the Two-A-Week Socialist Appeal begins to roll off the press!

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