ETOL Writers: George Clarke

George Clarke


Biography (not yet available)


May 1930: The Fight for Harry Eisman

June 1930: Lovestone’s “Americanism”

June 1931: Back of the Air Maneuvers

July 1931: Cleveland Party & Unemployment

July 1931: Pittsburgh Convention Shows Need for Unity of Fighting Miners

October 1931: ILD Mooney Meet Ousts Left

December 1931: Illinois Miners on the Go for Tom Mooney

January 1932: Swabeck’s Tour Results – Kansas City

May 1932: The National Convention of the S.P.

June 1932: G.O.P. Meets in Chicago Confab

June 1932: Mr. Seabury “Exposes” Tammany-Walker

June 1932: Wage Cut for Federal Gov’t Workers

July 1932: Demagogues and Bankers Clash in Chicago

July 1932: Democratic Party & Unemployment

July 1932: Hoover & Unemployment

August 1932: The Socialist Party and Unemployment

October 1932: Which Political Party Shall the Miners Support in the Coming Elections

January 1933: Japanese Invasion of Jehol Creates Tense Situation

January 1933: Japan Seizes North China

February 1933: Lynching Campaign Against Zangara

February 1933: Millions to Be Jobless Perman’tly

February 1933: 7 Wounded in New Mine Battle

March 1933: China Report Confirms Opposition

January 1935: Wall Street Cracks Whip on Congress

March 1940 The Truth About the Auto Fraction Internal memo detailing the confusion in the SWP’s growing Auto Fraction in the UAW

August 1946: Build a Labor Party Now! PDF of original Pioneer Publishing pamphlet

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