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E.R. Frank

S.W.P. Calls for United Labor Action
Against the Fascist Invasion

(August 1939)


From Socialist Appeal, Vol. III No. 60, 18 August 1939, p. 1.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The following letter calling for united labor action against the Coughlin provocation was sent on August 11 by Edward Frank, organizer of Local New York, S.W.P., to the following organizations: Avukah, American Jewish Congress, Jewish Labor Council, Poale Zion, Socialist Party, Social Democratic Federation, Young Circle League, Workmen’s Circle, Workers Sick and Death Benefit Society, Independent Labor League, International Ladies Garment Workers Union, Jewish National Workers Alliance, etc.

Dear Friends:

After weeks of unprecedented anti-Semitic and anti-labor propaganda, the storm-troop followers of Father Coughlin, America’s Number One Fascist, are organizing a “mass demonstration and parade” to form at Columbus Circle on Saturday, August 19th, at 6 P.M. and March into Union Square.

The Fascists, in their circular, call their provocation a “manifestation of Christianity.” That is not true. The Fascist parade is simply a mobilization of strike-breakers, thugs, Jew-haters and union-busters.

This provocation was forecast by Coughlin two weeks ago in a nation-wide broadcast entitled “The Call To Action,” in which he attacked the “Bolshevik” leaders of the American Trade Union Movement, the “non-religious Jews,” and stated that he would resort to the use of “force.” “I will meet you in Franco’s way!” he declared. Father Coughlin is organizing a Fascist movement in America, with the same methods and the same aims as Mussolini and Hitler.

The Fascist demonstration of August 19th is an open challenge to the whole Labor Movement, as well as to the whole anti-Fascist movement of this city.

We cannot afford to wait until Coughlin converts the United States into one huge concentration camp.

Time is pressing! Let us join hands now against this terrible menace to our liberties, our rights, our very lives!

Let us all join hands to stop Fascism in America!

We call upon you to join with us and rally in Union Square on Saturday, August 19th, at 4:30 P.M. to protest against this Fascist provocation.


E.R. Frank,
Local New York

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