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ETOL Writers: Bert Cochran (E.R. Frank)

Bert Cochran (E.R. Frank)

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[biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


August 1935: Green Dodges Convention of Auto Workers (as Burke Cochran)

August 1935: Dillon to Pack Convention of Auto Workers (as Burke Cochran)

September 1935: The Crime of the Auto International (as Burke Cochran)

September 1935: Detroit Notes (as Burke Cochran)

November 1935: The Auto Union Amalgamation (as Burke Cochran)

May 1939: An Open Letter to LaGuardia on Hounding of Anti-Coughlinites (as Edward Frank)

July 1939: Proposing Effective Labor Action Against the Coughlinite Menace (as E.R. Frank)

July 1939: Protests Hounding of S.W.P. Literature Salesmen by Police (as Edward R. Frank)

August 1939: S.W.P. Calls for United Labor Action Against the Fascist Invasion (as E.R. Frank)

January 1940: Lewis Playing with Dynamite in Building Trades Drive (as E.R. Frank)

January 1940: Wander of ILGWU Pleads He Is ‘Guilty as Charged’ (as E.R. Frank)

February 1940: Lewis FDR Split Reflects Mass Feeling (as E.R. Frank)

February 1940: A New Chapter Begins in American Labor History (series) (as E.R. Frank)

March/April 1940: Stalinists in the C.I.O. (series) (as E.R. Frank)

August 1941 Auto Union Convention Will Hear John L. Lewis (as E.R. Frank)

August 1941 Auto Convention Posed Labor’s War Problems (as E.R. Frank)

September 1942: The Auto Workers – A Step Forward (as E.R. Frank)

April 1943: John L. Lewis and Roosevelt’s Labor Policy (as E.R. Frank)

June 1943: The Coal Crisis and its Lessons for American Labor (as E.R. Frank)

August 1943: A Manual of Party Organization (book review, written as E.R. Frank)

October 1943: Post-War Preview (as John Adamson)

April 1944: Nine Months of Allied Rule in Italy (as E.R. Frank)

October 1944: The European Revolution – Its Prospects and Tasks (as E.R. Frank)

November 1944: The Imperialist War and Revolutionary Perspectives (as E.R. Frank)

October 1945: The Situation in the Far East (as E.R. Frank)

May 1946: The Great Strike Wave and Its Significance (as E.R. Frank)

July 1946: Antoinette Konikow: Our Dead Comrade Was One of Rarest Spirits of Our Time (as E.R. Frank)

November 1946: The Kremlin in Eastern Europe (as E.R. Frank)

April 1948: Wallace, Trotsky and the Third World War Drive (as E.R. Frank)

June 1948: A Flaming Revolutionist (as E.R. Frank)

September 1948: Trade Unions Under Capitalism (as E.R. Frank)

November 1948: Labor’s Perspectives and the Meaning of Truman’s Victory (as E.R. Frank)

November 1948: American Peoples Front (as E.R. Frank)

January 1949: An Answer Tracing Main Political Developments in Labor Movement (as E.R. Frank)

February 1949: Stalinism and the Opposition in the UAW

March 1949: The New Union Bureaucracy

March 1949: The Struggle for Control of the UE

March 1949: Reuther Threatens the Opposition

March 1949: Knoll vs. Reuther on Political Action

April 1950: The Kremlin’s Satellite States in Eastern Europe, Yugoslavia, Marxist Theory, nd Our Perspectives

October 1954: The Silent Revolution

April 1955: Classes in America

June 1955: The Next Ten Years

July 1955: Socialism and Democracy

November 1956: Toward a New Movement of Democratic Socialism

February 1957: Socialism, Power Elites and Bureaucracy

May 1957: Trends on the Left – A Tour Report

January 1958: New Horizons for European Socialism

February 1958: What is Peronism?

July 1958: American Labor in Midpassage

April 1959: New Thunder out of Communist China

April 1959: Exchange with Michael Harrington on China

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