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ETOL Writers: Bert Cochran (E.R. Frank)

Bert Cochran (E.R. Frank)

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Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


August 1935: Green Dodges Convention of Auto Workers (as Burke Cochran)

August 1935: Dillon to Pack Convention of Auto Workers (as Burke Cochran)

September 1935: The Crime of the Auto International (as Burke Cochran)

September 1935: Detroit Notes (as Burke Cochran)

May 1939: An Open Letter to LaGuardia on Hounding of Anti-Coughlinites (as Edward Frank)

July 1939: Proposing Effective Labor Action Against the Coughlinite Menace (as E.R. Frank)

July 1939: Protests Hounding of S.W.P. Literature Salesmen by Police (as Edward R. Frank)

August 1939: S.W.P. Calls for United Labor Action Against the Fascist Invasion (as E.R. Frank)

September 1942: The Auto Workers – A Step Forward (as E.R. Frank)

April 1943: John L. Lewis and Roosevelt’s Labor Policy (as E.R. Frank)

June 1943: The Coal Crisis and its Lessons for American Labor (as E.R. Frank)

August 1943: A Manual of Party Organization (book review, written as E.R. Frank)

October 1943: Post-War Preview (as John Adamson)

April 1944: Nine Months of Allied Rule in Italy (as E.R. Frank)

October 1944: The European Revolution –Its Prospects and Tasks (as E.R. Frank)

November 1944: The Imperialist War and Revolutionary Perspectives (as E.R. Frank)

October 1945: The Situation in the Far East (as E.R. Frank)

May 1946: The Great Strike Wave and Its Significance (as E.R. Frank)

November 1946: The Kremlin in Eastern Europe (as E.R. Frank)

March 1949: The New Union Bureaucracy

April 1950: The Kremlin’s Satellite States In Eastern Europe, Yugoslavia, Marxist Theory, And Our Perspectives

October 1954: The Silent Revolution

April 1955: Classes in America

June 1955: The Next Ten Years

July 1955: Socialism and Democracy

November 1956: Toward a New Movement of Democratic Socialism

February 1957: Socialism, Power Elites and Bureaucracy

May 1957: Trends on the Left – A Tour Report

January 1958: New Horizons for European Socialism

February 1958: What is Peronism?

July 1958: American Labor in Midpassage

April 1959: New Thunder out of Communist China

April 1959: Exchange with Michael Harrington on China

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