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Vince Copeland

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April 1946 Lackawanna: Steel Town 1946

October 1949 Steel: Achilles of US Industry

December 1949 “Break-Even” Point – Grey’s Reply

November 1949 Steel – Achilles of US Industry II: Fate of a Monopoly

November-December 1950 Philip Murray

May-June 1952 Wall Street’s Dilemma in Japan

January-February 1953 The Case of Owen Lattimore

Global Class War This is one document containing 3 positions by Sam Marcy from 1950, 1953 and 1957 which together constitute Marcy's positions on his Global Class War Theory, supported by Copeland. Copeland's 1973 introduction is appended to the end of this document. [Large PDF, 72 pages]

Summer 1954 Lessons of the Chinese Revolution; The Problem of Leadership and Program

March 1956: The Class Character of the Chinese State [Large PDF, 76 pages]

March 1956: The Class Character of the Hungarian Uprising [Large PDF, 26 pages]

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