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22 November 1941: How British ‘Democracy’ Works in South Africa (as Jerry Kirk)

20 January 1945: Auto Militants Rally to Fight No-Strike Pledge (as Jerry Kirk)

21 January 1945: Auto Militants Broadcast Strong Appeal for Revocation of The No-Strike Pledge (as Jerry Kirk, with R. Weston)

17 March 1945: Detroit Strikers Fight Mass Firing of Union Leaders (as Jerry Kirk)

24 April 1945: Company Provokes Second Walkout at Kelsey-Hayes (as Jerry Kirk)

28 December 1945: Flint Pickets Face Renewed GM Provocations (as Jerry Kirk)

5 January 1946: Flint CIO Council Calls on UAW Board to ‘Wash Its Hands’ of Company Security (as Jerry Kirk)

9 January 1946: Daily Worker Smear of Flint Militants Boomerangs; Repudiated by Union Officer (as Jerry Kirk)

17 January 1946: SWP Organizer in Flint Nails Red-Baiting Smear

8 February 1946: Back-to-Work Move Halted by Strikers’ Wives (as Jerry Kirk)

19 March 1946: Flint UAW Locals Accept GM Contract with Reservations (as Jerry Kirk)

31 March 1946: Flint NAACP Protest Rally Hears Talk by SWP Speaker (as Jerry Kirk)

19 June 1946: Flint SWP Leads Fight to Defeat Tax Increase

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