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Terry Fields

“I will only accept a worker’s wage”

(May 1983)

From Militant, No. 651, 20 May 1983, p. 3.
Transcribed by Iain Dalton.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Militant interview with Terry Fields, Labour candidate in Broad Green, Liverpool


Militant: “What are the main issues?”

Terry Fields: “On the doorstep you often hear the cry ‘you’re all the same’. Well in Broad Green I am to restore the confidence of the electorate in an MP who is committed to carry out his pledges, who shared their experiences and who lives their lifestyle. If elected I will only accept the wages of a skilled worker, and donate all the rest back to the labour movement.

“In Liverpool the twin fight has been for a Labour council and for a Labour government. We’ve got the first, now we’re going to win the second. It’s the only way to solve the major problems facing ordinary people – unemployment, housing, prices, and disarmament.”

M: “What should be the priorities of a Labour government?”

TF: “First tackle unemployment. The Labour government should take a leaf out of the book of Liverpool City Council which is putting into train an immediate programme to create an extra 1000 jobs in the city. If the Labour government did this it would create confidence amongst workers. The main priority must be to carry out in full its manifesto and not renege on any commitments.”

Unions support

M: “What help have the labour and trade union movement promised to help you win Broad Green?”

TF: “After the local elections there is a great confidence we can win Broad Green. The Trade Unions for Labour Victory (TULV) is playing an important role. Senior trade union officials of the TGWU, GMBATU, National Union of Seamen, UCW and UCATT have been designated to work here.

“My union, FBU, are giving magnificent support in this key marginal. The GMBATU have offered a room in their regional offices which is situated in the Broad Green constituency, as a headquarters of the local Labour Party during its campaign. GMBATU stewards at Cammell Lairds have promised to send a busload of stewards into the constituency to help in the campaign. Other workers facing the threat of redundancy have said they will help.

“Six weeks ago, Broad Green constituency did not exist. Now we can create history, by electing a workers’ MP here to represent the working class.”

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