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Terry Fields

(1937 – 2008)


Terry Fields: Socialist, friend and fighter 1937–2008, by Tony Mulhearn (from The Socialist, 2 July 2008)


November 1977: Merseyside – Action Not Words (interview)

November 1977: Merseyside – Big business the most to lose (interview)

December 1977: Scabbing Fire Officers (interview)

February 1978: Firemen – where now? (interview)

March 1979: French Workers March Against Steel Closures (interview)

March 1980: Thatcher Out! (interview)

May 1980: Firemen Must Challenge Tories

August 1980: Firemen Warn Tories

August 1980: Support Sri Lankan Workers

September 1982: ‘Why I Am Standing’

May 1983: “I will only accept a worker’s wage” (interview)

June 1983: A socialist voice that rocked Whitehall

June 1983: A Worker in Parliament

November 1983: Mersey health cuts – MPs speak out

November 1983: Who Controls the Police?

March 1984 Liverpool democracy attacked

September 1984 Labour – back the miners

November 1984 MPs support miners

1985: Letter to Chile Socialist Defence Campaign

March 1985: Liverpool’s crisis – MP speaks out

May 1985: Why I read Militant

July 1987: End the chaos of cancer screening (speech)

January 1988: Fire service cuts will mean more deaths, says MP

July 1991 Jailed for my principles

July 1991 Tory clowns have nothing to offer

August 1991 My message from prison

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