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International Socialist Notes

(21 October 1946)

From Labor Action, Vol. 10 No. 42, 21 October 1946, p. 4.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.

Russian Discussion in British Party

A group of comrades in the RCP, British section of the Fourth Internationalist movement, presented a resolution on the Russian question which calls for a revision of the Fourth International’s policy to the recently held Congress of the RCP. Their resolution, drafted at the last moment, with thirteen minutes allotted to its presentation at the convention and without the advantage of previous debate, was defeated by a vote of 31 to 1.

However, a group is forming on the basis of opposing the workers’ state position of the official leadership. Many of these comrades tend to the position developed by the Workers Party—namely, that Russia is a bureaucratic collectivist society.

Two comrades in North Ireland have drafted a document putting forward their view of Russia as bureaucratic collectivist. While it does not agree in every detail with the Workers’ Party position, its basic line reflects the WP position. This document is being published in a WP Bulletin. Interested readers can secure a copy by sending 25 cents to the WP national office.

French Government Blocks PCI Campaign

We are informed that the Parti Communiste Internationaliste (French Fourth Internationalists) was prevented from participating in the campaign over the constitutional referendum held on Sunday, October 13. By a previous governmental ruling, only those parties that had presented lists in at least two localities could participate.

However, the government changed the ruling to make a minimum of ten departments necessary. The PCI had presented ELEVEN lists in NINE departments. But, and note this, a special ruling was drafted allowing the Union Gaulliste, WHICH HAD NO LISTS AT ALL, to participate in the campaign.

The PCI, however, continued to carry on its campaign against the constitution, labeling it a reactionary, imperialist document. With the ballots allowing only for a No and Yes vote, the PCI campaigned under the slogan of “Neither YES with the MRP nor NO with de Gaulle” and called upon workers to cast a blank ballot and to write in “For a Workers and Peasants’ Government.”

Greek Stalinists Accept Debate with Fourth Int’l

Comrade Richard sends us from France the unprecedented news that “the Communist Party of Greece, in its official organ, Rizospastis, carried an article signed by its national secretary, Zachariades, asserting its willingness to bold joint discussion meetings with the International Communists, DEKE, Greek section of the Fourth International. This astounding development, which follows a series of turbulent crises in the ranks and leadership of the Greek CP, carries with it the proposal that expenses be jointly shared.” The CP turned down a proposal made by the DEKE that the discussion be printed in the party’s press, and that the Archiomarxists also be invited to participate.

This development, on which we anxiously await further information, is extremely important. It clearly indicates wide dissension in the Greek CP from which the revolutionists are certain to profit. The Stalinist parties, internationally, have not only never debated a Trotskyist before, but have in fact answered such proposals with hooliganism.

It is all the more surprising because the DEKE is known to have a majority that shares the WP position against the defense of Stalinist Russia.

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