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Dave Gibson 1950–2017, by Phil Turner (Socialist Worker, 25 July 2017)


November 2012:

Woody Guthrie at 100

December 2012:

Barbara Hepworth – The Hospital Drawings (art review)

June 2013:

Alone in Berlin (book review)

July 2013:

Lenny Henry’s performance is a revelation in Fences (theatre review)

October 2013:

A powerful re-staging of Miller’s corruption classic (theatre review)

March 2014:

Pete Seeger – A song for every struggle (obituary)

March 2014:

A sensational staging of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men (theatre review)

March 2014:

The Threepenny Opera (theatre review)

April 2014

1914 – War in the US Coalfields

June 2014:

Ai Weiwei in the Chapel (art review)

July 2014:

A Terrible Unrest (book review)

December 2014:

Barnsley pensioners behaving badly

March 2015:

In Loving Memory of Work – Images of the miners’ strike capture a raw class anger (book review)

November 2015:

Joe Hill ain’t never died

February 2016:

A family’s dreams crash into racism in this fizzing revival of A Raisin in the Sun (theatre review)

April 2016:

Barry Hines (obituary)

November 2016:

Jack London – Flawed revolutionist

November 2016:

Spirit of resistance burns through play about fighting Franco’s fascists (theatre review)

May 2017:

Freedom Highway (music review)

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