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Albert Glotzer


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April 1929: To the Y.W.L. Convention – A Statement of the Expelled Communist Youth (with 32 others)

November 1929: A Stalinist Defeat in Staunton

January 1930: Naval Bases and Imperialism

March 1930: Haiti Struggles

March 1930: London Naval Debacle

March 1930: Lovetone’s Whining Baby

March 1930: The Militarization of the American Youth

April 1930: The Events in India

June 1930: Back to Lenin! Manifesto to the Rank and File and Seventh National Convention of the C.P.U.S.A. (with James P. Cannon & 5 others)

June 1930: Communist Youth and the Left Opposition

February 1931: The Trend of the Economic Crisis

March 1931: Gandhi Makes His Peace with Imperialism

May 1931: Seasonal Improvement – Where?

June 1931: Student Youth and the Workers Movement

September 1931: The Youth Thesis

December 1931: The Conspiracy Against the R.R. Workers

January 1932: A Sojourn With Comrade Leon Trotsky

January 1932: The Struggle for Power in Germany

February 1932: The Presidential Elections in Germany

April 1932: Impressions of a National Tour

April 1932: The Strange Career of Mr. Hoover (book review)

August 1932: Great Britain and the U.S. at Ottawa

November 1932: Stalinists Make Right About Face in Chicago Unemployed United Front

December 1932: Stalinist Zig-zags on the Chicago Conference

January 1933: Confusion Marks Stalinist Policy on Fight Against War

June 1936: The French Elections – To Socialism or Fascism?

August 1937: Removed Satir as Labor Secy. in Cook County

August 1938: Browder’s Two Roosevelts (as Albert Gates)

September 1938: The Myth of Isolation (as Albert Gates)

November 1938: The War Mobilization Plan (as Albert Gates, with M.J. Michaels)

May 1940: Labor Action May Day Issue Completely Sold (as Albert Gates)

June 1940: A New Horizon for American Imperialism (as Albert Gates)

July 1940: Hemisphere Control Is U.S. Plan (as Albert Gates)

July 1940: New Taxes Add to War Burden on U.S. Masses (as Albert Gates)

July 1940: Roosevelt Actions Push Nation Further Along Path to War (as Albert Gates)

August 1940: The Inter-American Cartel (as Albert Gates)

August 1940: The Pan-American Conferees Bow to Hemisphere Control by White House (as Albert Gates)

September 1940: Sixteen Years Of Terror (as Albert Gates)

September 1940: Speech Delivered at N.Y. [Trotsky] Memorial Meeting (as Albert Gates)

November 1940: The U.S. Empire – Its History (as Albert Gates)

December 1940: The Acquisition of Samoa (as Albert Gates)

December 1940: Hawaii – Land of Sugar and Pineapples 1 (as Albert Gates)

December 1940: Hawaii – Land of Sugar and Pineapples 2 (as Albert Gates)

February 1941: War With Spain – Empire Comes of Age (as Albert Gates)

April 1941: German Society and Capitalism (as Albert Gates)

May 1941: German Society and Capitalism – II (as Albert Gates)

July 1941: Burnham and His Managers (as Albert Gates) (extended book review)

July 1941: Hitler’s Attack on Russia – A New Turn in the War (as A.G.)

August 1941: Burnham and His Managers – II (as Albert Gates) (extended book review)

September 1941: Memoirs vs. Hitler (as Albert Gates) (book review)

November 1941: Modern War and Economy (as Albert Gates) (extended book review)

November 1941: A Telescopic History (as Albert Gates) (book review)

December 1941: “The Struggle for Freedom” (as A.G.) (editorial)

December 1941: Germany and Soviet Property (as A.G.) (editorial)

December 1941: Once Again, the German Economy (as A.G.) (editorial)

January 1942: The War To Save “Democracy” ... and Jim Crow! (as Albert Gates)

February 1942: Congressional Sideshow Reveals Profit Grab-bag (as Albert Gates)

February 1942: An Economic Review of 1941 (as Albert Gates)

February 1942: How the Dutch Exploit the East Indies – Fabulous Profits Wrung from Native Slaves (as Albert Gates)

February 1942: The Issue of Labor Unity (as A.G.)

February 1942: Our White “Democracy” (as A.G.)

February 1942: The Truman and Vinson Reports (as A.G.)

April 1942: New International Letter to The Nation on War Position (as Albert Gates)

April 1942: War and the Colonial Peoples (as A.G.)

May 1942: Roosevelt’s Economic Program (as A.G.)

June 1942: James Connolly, Irish Socialist Rebel (as Albert Gates)

June 1942: Wallace and the People’s War (as A.G.)

July 1942: Bourgeois New Worlds (book review, as Albert Gates)

July 1942: Nazi Pogroms Threaten Unarmed Palestine Jews (as Albert Gates)

July 1942: Odell Waller (as A.G.)

July 1942: PM on Germany (as A.G.)

July 1942: Rep. May Speaks Out (as A.G.)

September 1942: The Fourth Year of the War (as A.G.)

September 1942: Inquilah Zindabad! (as A.G.)

September 1942: The Roosevelt Message (as A.G.)

October 1942: British and Nazis Carry On Harmoniously in World Bank (as Sam Adams)

October 1942: Current Economic Developments in Germany (as Albert Gates)

October 1942: Discussion on Congress (as A.G.)

November 1942: Stalinist Diplomacy and the War (as Albert Gates) (extended book review)

November 1942: U.S. Landings in Africa Mark New Phase in War (as Sam Adams)

December 1942: After Pearl Harbor (as A.G.)

December 1942: Return of a Scoundrel (as Sam Adams)

February 1943: The Cost of the War (as Sam Adams)

February 1943: North Africa Interlude (as A.G.)

February 1943: Russia’s War Aims (as A.G.)

March 1943: Murder as a Political Weapon (as A.G.)

March 1943: Small Business in Descent (as Sam Adams)

October 1945: James P. Cannon as Historian (as Albert Gates)

August 1946: The Meaning Of Self-Determination (as Albert Gates)

September 1946: The Heroic Period of the Comintern (as Albert Gates)

July 1947: On the Significance of Koestler – The Conclusion of a Polemic (as Albert Gates)

September 1947: The Jewish Problem After Hitler (as Albert Gates)

January 1950: The Relevance of Marxism (as Albert Gates)

May–June 1953: Stalin’s Place in History – Assessing the Social Role of the Great Assassin (as Albert Gates)

Summer 1955: The Shachtman Case (as A.G.)

Summer 1955: The Nathan Case (as Albert Gates)

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