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Albert Gates

ISL Launches Fund Drive
for Tenth Anniversary

(20 February 1950

From Labor Action, Vol. 14 No. 8, 20 February 1950, p. 1.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Every militant and socialist knows the difficulties which a socialist organization has in financing its activities, especially its press. Those who are familiar with our movement know also how it has literally accomplished wonders with its meager financial resources. But this would have been impossible without extra efforts and appeals for assistance. In the past we have not hesitated to call upon our friends, readers of our press and sympathizers to come to our aid and the response to our appeals has been uniformly excellent.

We are once more asking for this assistance to help us to continue our socialist activity. The recent plenary meeting of the National Committee of the Independent Socialist League decided to-initiate a 512,000 fund drive in connection with the 10th anniversary of the ISL and Labor Action. The fund drive began on February 15 and will end April 30, when the ISL will hold a series of meetings, socials and banquets in connection with May Day celebrations and the 10th anniversary of our organization.

Increased costs of all materials, especially in connection with our press, make it mandatory for us to issue this appeal. The success of our fund drive will ensure the issuance of Labor Action and The New International for the coming period. This alone would merit any assistance you readers may give to us.

But we are doing more than just trying to hold our own. We have already taken steps to improve the issuance and appearance of our press. Beginning with the January-February number, The New International will appear bimonthly and in a new format, nearly book size. Though appearing bi-monthly, it will contain the same quantity of material as the monthly NI. We are certain, however, that you will find the new NI even more appealing than the old.

Beginning next week, Labor Action will appear in tabloid form. For a more detailed account of this change, see the story elsewhere on this page.

Plans for issuing new types of literature, organizing speaking tours and other public activities have already been made.

Branches of the ISL have already selected their directors of the fund drive and we have been given assurances by them that their quotas will be met. The Socialist Youth League, which did so splendidly in the drive of a year ago, promises to do even better this year.

We are now calling upon all our friends, readers of our press and our sympathizers to aid us too. Help us build a better ISL and a stronger press in order to carry on our indispensable socialist propaganda.

Yetta Barsh, director of the fund drive last year, is again director of the 10th anniversary drive. Send all funds in her name to 4 Court Square, Long Island City 1, N.Y.

The quotas of the branches of the ISL will be found on page 2. A regular weekly column will appear in Labor Action reporting the progress of the drive and touching on its highlights.

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