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As Donny Gluckstein is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Donny Gluckstein included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Winter 1983: The Workers’ Council Movement in Western Europe

Winter 1984: The missing party

Winter 1984: A rejoinder to Alex Callinicos

1986: Marxism and Trade Union Struggle /#8211; The General Strike of 1926 (with Tony Cliff)

Summer 1986: Keir Hardie – ‘The man who made the Labour Party’

October 1988: The Labour Party – A Marxist History (with Tony Cliff)

Autumn 1990: Nationalism and the class struggle in Scotland (with Neil Davidson)

Spring 1991: The last of the reformists? (extended book review)

Winter 1993: Revolution and the challenge of labour

Autumn 2007: Last writings of the party favourite (book review)

Winter 2008: The economics of barbarism (book review)

Autumn 2008: Decyphering The Internationale – the Eugène Pottier code

Autumn 2012: Democracy – fact and fetish

February 2013: Response to John Molyneux

Autumn 2013: Comment on bourgeois revolutions

Autumn 2013: Socialism and the Second World War

Summer 2014: Classical Marxism and the question of reformism

2015: Russia – Stalin and the People’s War

Spring 2015: The question of confidence – A reply to Simon Joyce

Summer 2016: The rebirth of social democracy

Winter 2017: Why did Britain vote Leave? A Scottish addendum (with Charlie McKinnon)

Summer 2017: Scotland the paradox

Summer 2018: German Marxism and the Holocaust (book review)

Autumn 2018: Remember, remember the 9th of November

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