Tony Cliff & Donny Gluckstein

The Labour Party:
A Marxist History

(October 1988/July 1996)

First published October 1988.
This edition July 1996.
Copyright © Bookmarks.
Transcribed by Donny Gluckstein, Christian Høgsbjerg & Marven James Scott, with thanks to Bookmarks.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.



1. The Birth of Reformism

2. ‘Out of the Bowels of the TUC’

3. War and Reconstruction: Labour adopts socialism

4. Riding the post war storm

5. Proving Labour ‘fit to govern’: The 1924 administration

6. Revolution or Reform: The left in the 1920s

7. General Strike and aftermath

8. Reformists and the Slump: the second Labour government

9. From Socialist Dictatorship to National Unity: Labour in the 1930s

10. Labour during the Second World War

11. The Attlee government: Zenith of reformism

12. ‘Thirteen wasted years’

13. The Wilson governments 1964–69

14. The Labour Party under the Heath government

15. The Labour government of 1974–79

16. Labour under Thatcher

17. New Labour

18. Conclusion

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