ETOL Writers: Albert Goldman

Albert Goldman

Albert Goldman

(1897 – 1960)

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December 1934: From Communism to Socialism (pamphlet)

February 1935: Two Resolutions

March 1935: A Socialist Election Campaign

May 1935: Should Socialists Favor A Labor Party?

June–July 1935: Harry Lang And Criticism Of The Soviet Union

August–September 1935: The Workers’ Amendment As An Immediate Demand

January–February 1936: Toward Socialist Clarity

April–May 1936: Labor Party Confusion

August 1936: Communists Play “Follow the Leader”

September 1936: A Campaign for Socialism

December 1936: Toward Socialist Clarity

January 1937: Toward Socialist Clarity

February 1937: Toward Socialist Clarity

March 1937: The Appeal Institute

August 1937: Left Wing Will Not Allow Itself to Be Gagged by the Party Bureaucracy!

1938: What is Socialism? [for a pdf of the original pamphlet, Click here♣]

September 1938: Labor Party and Progress

December 1938: Martov’s Mysticism

July 1939: Bolshevism and Democracy – Reply to A. Alper

August 1939: The Congress of the PSOP (writing as Fauchois)

October 1940: The Assassination of Leon Trotsky – The Proof of Stalin’s Guilt (pamphlet) [for a pdf of the original pamphlet, Click here♣]

December 1940: Why We Defend the Soviet Union (pamphlet)[for a pdf of the original pamphlet, Click here♣]

1941: Speech on the Minneapolis Trial of the 28

November 1941: False Light on the Moscow Trials (book review)

November 1941: In Defense of Socialism (pamphlet)

January 1943: The Central Slogan for Occupied Europe (writing as M. Morrison)

July 1943: Sidney Hook’s Attack on Trotskyism (writing as M. Morrison)

December 1943: Was There A Revolution In Italy?

May 1945: Reply to Cannon on Intellectuals & the Party

October 1945: Replies to Questions: A Discussion at the SWP Plenum

December 1946: The Basis of Workers’ Democracy

March 1947: Note on Bureaucratic Collectivism (letter)

April 1947: Unity – Will It Work? Problems of WP-SWP Fusion

August 1947: SWP Unity Line Changes Again

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