ETOL Writers: Harold Isaacs

Harold Isaacs

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February 1933:

Huan Ping and Chen Du-Siu (as Robert)

May 1934:

I Break with the Chinese Stalinists

November 1934:

The Peasants’ War in China

August 1936:

The Coming Showdown in France


Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution

August 1940:

Changes in the Pacific (writing as George Stern)

January 1941:

Collapse of Bourgeois Democracy (writing as George Stern)

March 1941:

The Pacific War Front (writing as George Stern)

March 1941:

American Intervention in China (Resolution of the EC of the Fourth International, written with Frank Graves)

July 1941:

An Apologist For Chinese Stalinism (review article, writing as George Stern)


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