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Jim Kincaid

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Winter 1961: Totalitarian – Subjective (book review)

Summer 1962: Jenkins in TV-Land (book review)

Summer 1962: Nazism (book review)

Autumn 1962: Labour and the Bomb (discussion with Nigel Harris, Tirril Harris, Ross Pritchard & Noel Tracey)

Summer 1966: The Glossy Soup Kitchen – Social Security under Labour (with Audrey Kincaid)

Summer 1967: Industrial Disablement in Britain

Winter 1967/68: Welfare – Means ... and Ends

Winter 1968/69: Housing – Fact and Fiction

April 1969: Welfare – Pensions Plans

June 1969: Incomes

April 1970: Social Policy and the Labour Government

February 1971: Taxing the Poor

May 1971: Don’t Forget the Chairman

June 1971: The Rich, the Poor and the Budget

January 1972: Tory Attack on Housing

January 1973: Inequality and the Freeze

March 1976: Healey’s Axe

May 1976: ‘The City was Delighted’: Healey’s Budget

September 1976: The ‘Boom’ and the Cuts in Figures

December 1978: Congealed Marxism

Summer 2008: The world economy – a critical comment

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