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John Molyneux

John Molyneux

(1948 – 2022)


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June 1973: What Is Communist Anarchism? (book review)

March 1974: Militarism and Anti-Militarism (book review)

1978: Marxism and the Party (book)

December 1978: Pure revolution (book review)

July 1983: What is the real Marxist tradition? (book)

Autumn 1984: Do working class men benefit from women’s oppression?

July 1985: The relevance of Trotsky today (debate with Monty Johnstone)

October 1985: What do we mean by ultra-leftism?

Summer 1986: Marxism and male benefits – A reply to Sheila McGregor

January 1987: The Future Socialist Society (pamphlet)

April 1987: Arguments for Revolutionary Socialism (book)       [ PDF ]

February 1988: The academics’ guru (book review)

Spring 1988: Reviewing Sixty-Eight (book review)

October 1988: Labour laid bare (book review)

June 1989: The latest thing (book review)

Autumn 1989: Animal Farm revisited

Spring 1991: An open letter to New Left Review (with Alex Callinicos, Paul Foot, Mike Gonzales & Chris Harman)

Winter 1993: The ‘politically correct’ controversy

May 1995: Trotsky as icon (book review)

Autumn 1995: Is Marxism deterministic?

July 1998: State of the Art (review of the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy)

September 1998: The legitimacy of modern art

Autumn 1999: Art, Alienation and Capitalism – A Reply to Chris Nineham

Spring 2005: Emin matters

Autumn 2006: Trotsky slandered (book review)

Summer 2007: A revolution in paint – 100 years of Picasso’s Demoiselles

Summer 2008: More than opium – Marxism and religion

Autumn 2009: On party democracy

Autumn 2010: Michelangelo and human emancipation

2012: Marxism and Trade Unionism       [ PDF ]

2012: The Politics of the Socialist Party       [PDF]

September 2012: In Defence of Leninism       [PDF]

November 2012: A People’s History of the Second World War (book review)       [PDF]

June 2013: Understanding Left Reformism       [PDF]

November 2013: The National Question – some basic principles       [PDF]

February 2014: Final Solutions (book review)       [PDF]

June 2014: Art and the First World War       [PDF]

June 2014: Racism and Islamophobia (with Memet Uludag)       [PDF]

November 2014: A Visit to the Museum – Notes on Culture and Barbarism       [PDF]

November 2015: Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution       [PDF]

June 2016: Shakespeare 400 years on       [PDF]

June 2016: Towards a Revolutionary Party in Ireland       [PDF]

November 2016: Secularism, Islamophobia and the politics of religion       [PDF]

March 2017: Chronology of the Russian Revolution       [PDF]

March 2017: Does Leninism lead to Stalinism?       [PDF]

March 2017: The Relevance of the Russian Revolution       [PDF]

March 2018: A classic work republished (book review)

March 2018: The Working Class

July 2018: Conversation with a poet – Ciaran O’Rourke

July 2018: Imperialism, Russia and Syria (with Memet Uludag)

July 2018: 1968 – Revolutionary year

Autumn 2018: The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast (book review)

June 2019: The environmental crisis and the new environmental revolt

June 2019: The Return of Stalinism?

November 2019: Apocalypse Now! Climate change, capitalism and revolution

April 2020: Climate change and the overpopulation argument

April 2020: The General Election and after

April 2020: Introducing the Global Ecosocialist Network

June 2020: The case for ecosocialism

June 2020: How we judge art

June 2020: The Great Rebellion

April 2021: Falling in Love Again (book review)

April 2021: Towards the End of Partition

September 2021: The Climate Crisis Escalates

September 2021: Marxism and Fascism

December 2021: At a Time of Greenwashing

December 2021: Jack Yeats and the Irish People (art review)

December 2021: State Capitalism Today

March 2022: Imperialism and War

March 2022: What Is People Before Profit?

June 2022: All that Glistens is not Gold (book review)

June 2022: Turning point in the North

June 2022: Ukraine – Debates on the Left

November 2022: Capitalism in Decay – Dimensions of the Crisis

November 2022: The London Revolution (book review)

November 2022: A System in Decay

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