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As John Palmer is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by John Palmer included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Autumn 1963: Arms Economy (book review)

Autumn 1963: Hard Heads (book review)

Autumn 1965: The Notebook – Threat of Recession & Japan

Winter 1965: French Fry (book review)

Winter 1965: Miracles? (book review)

Winter 1965: The Notebook – Credit Squeeze

Spring 1966: The Notebook – Credit Squeeze

Summer 1966: The Notebook – The Budget

Autumn 1966: The Notebook – Deflation

Autumn 1966: The Notebook – Credit

Spring 1967: The Notebook – The Economy

Summer 1967: And Pale Pinks Sneer (book review)

Summer 1967: European Brinksmanship (book review)

Summer 1967: The Notebook – The Economy

Autumn 1967: The Notebook – The Economy

Summer 1968: The Notebook – Economy

April 1969: Ireland and the British Left (with Chris Gray)

19 April 1969: Budget aids rich, soaks the workers

12 June 1969: Build the Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign

26 June 1969: Irish Tories win ‘red scare’ election

Autumn 1971: World Economy (Survey)

October 1972: British Capitalism, Workers and the Profits Squeeze (book review)

May 1973: Economic Prospects (Notes of the Month)

October 1973: Britain in Balance (book review)

October 1974: The Labour Government 1964–1970 (book review)

December 1988: Where now for the Euro left? (letter)

Autumn 2015: The EU referendum – The case for a socialist Yes vote

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