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March 1957:

Inside Russia Today (as Leonard Hussey)

July 1957:

A Comment (Reply to R.W. Davies) (as Leonard Hussey)

July 1957:

British Communist History (as Joseph Redman)

September 1957:

From ‘Social-Fascism’ to ‘People’s Front’ (as Joseph Redman)

November 1957:

The Case of André Marty (as Joseph Redman)

January 1958:

The Early Years of the CPGB (as Joseph Redman)

March 1958:

The British Stalinists and the Moscow Trials (as Joseph Redman)

August 1958:

‘Export of Revolution’, 1917-1924

August 1958:

Stalin’s Correspondence with Churchill, Attlee, Roosevelt and Truman, 1941-45

August 1958:

Germany and the Revolution in Russia, 1915-1918

December 1958: Useful but Shallow [A review of The British Communist Party: A Historical Profile, by Henry Pelling]

April 1959:

Marxists in the Second World War (as B. Farnborough)

April 1959:

Some Past Rank-and-File Movements

October 1959:

Marxism in Britain 1881-1920

February 1960:

Building the Bolshevik Party – Some Organizational Aspects

February 1960:

Workers Control A Review of The Shop Stewards’ Movement and Workers’ Control, 1910-1922. By Branko Pribicevic.

February 1960:

Soviet Prose, A Review of Soviet Prose. A Reader, edited by Ronald Hingley

February 1960:

Not So Clever Dick, A Review of Police, edited by John Coatman

October 1960:

1921 and All That

Spring 1961:

Lenin and Trotsky on Pacifism and Defeatism

Spring 1961:

For the Twentieth Anniversary of Comrade Harry Pollitt as General Secretary of the Communist Party


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