Leon Sedov

The Red Book

On the Moscow Trials

Published: Published by New Park Publications Ltd, 1980; available at Index Books.
First published in part in Russian in Byulletin Oppositsii, Nos.52-53, October 1936.
Published in French as Le Livre Rouge sur les proces de Moscou, Paris, 1936
Transcribed: For ETOL, September, 2000


Introduction (Not yet available)


Why Did Stalin Need This Trial?

The Stalinist Amalgams Were Foreseen

The Assassination of Kirov

Two Trials (January 1935-August 1936)

The Defendants and Their Conduct Before the Court

The Accused Who Were Not at the Trial

Did a “Unified Center” Exist?

When Exactly Was the “Unified Center” Created and When Did It Function

What Really Did Exist?

Marxism and Individual Terror

Lenin, the First Terrorist

The Attempts Which Did Not Take Place


Trotsky’s “Contact” With the Defendants

The Same Old Song to a New Tune

Bogdan’s Suicide-Assassination

The Prosecutor Vyshinsky

The Tragic Compromise: For a Confession, Your Life

After the Trial

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