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Paul N. Siegel



Biographical sketch/Selected bibliography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]



5 January 1948: Knock on Any Door (as Paul Schapiro) (book review)

29 March 1948: A Treasury of Science (as Paul Schapiro) (book review)

3 May 1948: The Growing Militarization of America (as Paul Schapiro) (book review)

7 June 1948: Jack London, American Rebel (as Paul Schapiro) (book review)

12 July 1948: How Roosevelt Maneuvered Us Into War (as Paul Schapiro)

6 September 1948: Discusses Meaning of Spy Scare (as Paul Schapiro) (letter)

6 September 1948: The Naked and the Dead – a Review (as Paul Schapiro) (book review)

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