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ETOL Writers: Murry Weiss

Murry Weiss

Internet Archive

Biography (not yet available)


August 1945 Report on the Los Angeles Antifascist Campaign (abridged)

January 1954: The Problem of Smashing McCarthyism

July 1954: McCarthyism – Key Issue in the 1954 Elections

Summer 1956: The Vindication Of Trotskyism – Khrushchev’s Report on Stalin’s Crimes

Winter 1957: Two Concepts of Socialist Unity

Spring 1960: Case History of an Experiment

Summer 1960: Three Radical Parties and the 1960 Elections

Fall 1960: Trotskyism Today

Spring 1961 The Fracturing of the Monolith

Winter 1962: Stalinism and the Twenty-Second Congress

Spring 1962: Moscow and the Chinese Revolution (written with Bert Deck)

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