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John G. Wright
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July 1934: A New Technics (book review)

Nov. 1934: Shifts in the Negro Question

Jan. 1935: Oxford Manner (book review)

Jan. 1935: Thorstein Veblen, Sociologist

Mar. 1935: Stalin the Theoretician

Mar. 1935: To Make a Revolution (book review)

May 1935: Gangway fo’ de Lawd

July 1935: Anderson’s Dilemma (book review) (published as In Search of Diana)

July 1935: History à la Carte (book review)

July 1935: A Party and Its Book (book review)

Aug. 1935: Humanism in One Country

Aug. 1935: A Reply to Olgin (with Joseph Carter)

Dec. 1935: War by Norman Thomas (book review)

Feb. 1936: Prize Novel (book review)

June 1936: A Page of American Imperialism

27 Nov. 1937: International Notes (column)

4 Dec. 1937: International Notes (column)

11 Dec. 1937: International Notes (column)

18 Dec. 1937: International Notes (column)

Feb. 1938: The Truth about Kronstadt

Sept. 1939: Falsified Statistics – The Death Chart of Stalinism

Dec. 1940: Stalin’s Regime as Mirrored in Emergency Legislation

Jan. 1941: The Crisis in the Soviet Union

Feb. 1941: The Dean of Canterbury’s Soviet Power (extended book review)

May 1941: The Enigma of Soviet Production

May 1941: The Soviet “War Potential”

June 1941: Jan Valtin – Out of the Fight (extended book review)

July 1941: Class Relations in the Soviet Union

Aug. 1941: The Soviet Union at War

Oct. 1941: Trotsky and the Red Army

Nov. 1941: How Stalin Cleared Road for Hitler

Dec. 1941: Stalin’s Pre-War Purge

Feb. 1942: Nazi Destruction of Soviet Economy

Apr. 1942: Why We Defend China

Aug. 1942: What the Soviet Press Reveals

Nov. 1942: Twenty-five Years of the Revolution

Jan. 1943: Lenin on the Problem of Nationalities

Mar. 1943: A New Marxist Classic (book review)

Apr. 1943: The Civil War in Yugoslavia

Oct. 1943: Soviet Life In Wartime

Oct. 1943: “What To Do With Italy?” (extended book review)

Jan. 1944: How the Counter-Revolution Triumphed in Italy, 1920-1922

Feb. 1944: Leon Sedov

July 1945: The Rising German Revolution – Its Enemies, Betrayers and Vilifiers

Aug. 1945: “The United Nations” – A New Thieves’ Kitchen (written as Joseph Vanzler)

June 1946: The Scientists and Atomic Energy

July 1946: A Biography of Stalin (book review)

Aug. 1946: Trotsky’s Struggle for the Fourth International

May 1947: Stalin’s New “Three-Year” Plan for Agriculture

June 1947: Has the Depression Already Begun?

Jan. 1949: Economic Balance Sheet of 1948

Mar. 1949: Wolfe Changes Masters (book review)

June 1949: “Welfare State” and Depression (extended book review)

Aug. 1949: Economic Roots of US Imperialism – The Reigning Oligarchy

Dec. 1949: Money Utopias of the “Welfare State”

1953: Inflation and the Arms Program

January 1954: The Soviet Union Under Malenkov

Summer 1954: Socialism in Yugoslavia? The Djilas Case and the Tito Regime (written as Joseph Vanzler)

Summer 1954: The Farm Crisis in the Soviet Union

Spring 1955: Behind the Fall of Malenkov: Bureaucrats in Crisis (written with M. Stein)

Spring 1955: Feuerbach – Philosopher of Materialism

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