The Boulangist Movement 1889

Letter of General Boulanger to his Voters

Source: L’Intransigeant, January 31, 1889;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor.

Translator’s note: In the aftermath of his crushing victory on January 27, and as his seizing of power was still anxiously hoped for by his followers, Boulanger published the following letter in “L’Intransigeant,” the propaganda newspaper edited by Henri Rochefort.

Voters of the Seine:

Still under the power of the profound emotion that marvelous demonstration of Sunday left in me, I nevertheless don’t want to delay the expression of my gratitude to the admirable populace that bravely marched in serried ranks against the parliamentary coalition composed of all of those who audaciously proclaim themselves for the republic, which their errors, their weakness, and their intrigues have so seriously compromised.

Never, under any regime has an official campaign of infamous attacks, of calculated falsehoods and odious threats been more scandalously carried out against a candidate. With one fell swoop, ballot in hand you have swept away the slanders and the slanderers.

The National Republican party, based on the probity of functionaries and the sincerity of universal suffrage, is now founded. The Chamber, which combated it with an unprecedented fury, has nothing before it but its dissolution, which it will not escape.

Voters of the Seine!

It is to you, to your energy and your good sense that the Fatherland, our great Fatherland, will owe a debt for having rid us of the parasites who dishonor it while devouring it.

The republic is now open to all Frenchmen of good will.

May they enter, and may the others leave!

Vive la France!
Vive la République!
General Boulanger
January 29, 1889