The Paris Commune 1871

Decree on the Separation of Church and State

Written: April 3, 1871.
Translated: from the original for by Mitch Abidor.


Considering that the first of the principles of the French Republic is freedom;

Considering that freedom of conscience is the first among freedoms;

Considering that the budget of cults is contrary to this principle, since it is imposed on citizens against their own faith;

Considering that in fact the clergy was an accomplice in the crimes against freedom of the monarchy,


Art. 1 — The church is separated from the state.

Art. 2 — The budget of cults is suppressed.

Art. 3 — Goods called mainmorte, both movable and fixed, belonging to religious congregations are declared national properties.

Art. 4 — An inquest will immediately be held concerning these goods in order to establish their nature and to put them at the disposal of the nation.

The Paris Commune
April 3, 1871