Jules Vallès 1871

The Elections

First Published: April 10 1871;
Source: Jules Vallès, Le Cri du Peuple. Les Editeurs Francais Réunis. Paris 1953;
Translated: for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2005.

In this moment of struggle and anxiety, when the people of Paris are behind the barricades, we don’t feel they should be called to the ballot box.

There should be no vote in the middle of a battle. We will only vote after victory, which will render the Commune sovereign for good and all in a peaceful and free Paris.

We thus advise and implore the Commune, in the name of the Republic, to suspend any appeal to the voters as long as the drum beats to assemble the combatants.

It must retreat in its entirety or remain at the breach, as it was left by the fortunes of the fight, mutilated by resignations, or decimated by assassination.

This is its honor, its role, and its duty.

Le Cri du Peuple April 10, 1871

Elections had been called for April 18, 1871. Despite Vallès’ opposition they took place and were the source of a split in the Commune, of the formation of a minority faction.