The French Resistance 1944

Declaration of the French Communist Party
on the Battle of Paris

Source: L'Humanité, August 23, 1944;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor.

At the hour when the final battle against the invader for the liberation of Paris is going to begin, the PCF declares that there is no more urgent task for all Parisians than to realize total unity in combat.

Everyone to the barricades! Cut down trees! Flip over trucks! Pile up sacks of sand! Organize ambushes! Dig anti-tank ditches! Let every house become an attacking fortress! Let not one kraut escape alive from our city, which must be freed to greet the Allies.

To arms, Citizens! Form our battalions!

Join the FFI! Spread guerrilla warfare everywhere!

Form your groups of Patriotic Militias!

Let the impure blood of the krauts and traitors water our furrows!

Long live Paris! Long live the republic! Long live France!