1848 Revolution

To the Citizen Members of the Executive Commission

Translated: from the original for marxists.org by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) marxists.org 2009.


Our brothers, the representatives of the Delegates of the National Workshops, expressed to Citizen Lamartine, in a discussion they had with him a few days ago, the sentiments that animate all of us, and our firm devotion to the democratic and social republic that we conquered on the barricades of February. We accepted with gratitude the words that emanated from the heart of Citizen Lamartine, which cast a ray of hope on our so unfortunate position. We accepted these warm words because the realization of these promises is the most ardent of our wishes, such as the founding of a Ministry of Fraternal Institutions, the demand for an overall credit of 600,000 francs for the founding of agricultural and industrial institutions, conference rooms where the people can receive their political education, and finally the making a reality of the principle of association. So, Citizens, we have forgotten everything, the poverty that weighs on us, the hunger that kills us, we have forgotten everything because we have faith in these promises. We have confidence in the republican patriotism that you are the living image of. Realize all this, then, Citizens. And if the Republic were ever to be in danger, and if ever vain and daring pretenders were to dare want to harm it, you can – at all times and with complete certainty – count on our patriotism and devotion to defend it along with you.