Jews in the Synagogue, by Antoine Alphee Piaud, Paris 1837

The French Revolution


The Emancipation of the Jews, 1789


Request to Our Lords the Estates General in Support of the Jews, 1789

Address Presented to the National Assembly by the Jews Residing in Paris, August 26 1789

Proclamation of the King On a Decree of the National Assembly Concerning the Jews, 1789

Speech of the Deputies of the Provinces and Bishoprics of Alsace and Lorraine, October 15 1789

Speech of the Deputies of the Provinces and Excerpt from Minutes of the National Assembly, October 15 1789

Opinion of Count Stanislas de Clermont-Tonerre Relating to the Persecutions Threatening the Jews of Alsace, 1789

The Revolt of the Jews of Avignon, 1789

New Address of the Jews to the National Assembly, 1789

Statement in Support of the Jews of Metz, 1790

Decree on the Jews of Metz, July 20 1790

Address on the Granting of Civil Rights to Jews, February 10 1790

Law Relating to the Jews, November 13 1791

Observations on Behalf of the Jews of Avignon to the National Convention, 1794

Report and Proposed Decree Requiring the Jews to Adopt Fixed First and Last Names, 1808

A Prayer for Napoleon, 1808