French Trotskyism 1929

A Crime!

Source: Bulletin Communiste, January 1929;
Translated: for by Mitchell Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2010.

Leon Trotsky deported to Turkey; this is what we have to learn in the twelfth year of the Russian Revolution!

Not able to corrupt him, do they want to assassinate him?

It is legitimate to be alarmed when leaders who are totally at a loss seek a diversion and fear revolutionary criticism.

The dictatorship of the proletariat in Russia has become the dictatorship of a camarilla.

Thousands of communists are imprisoned or deported to Siberia; those who are the most courageous, the most hardened, the most reliable.

And Trotsky is exiled to Turkey!

The Russian working class demands bread, work, freedom, and progress towards socialism. Stalin gives them unemployment, censorship, repression, and a wrong-way march to socialism

There are no more soviets in the republic of soviets.

The Declaration of the Rights of the Working People and the Soviet Constitution are trampled on.

Will the French working class remain silent when their brothers in Russia are crushed beneath a repressive and despotic fist?

Will they allow this crime to be perpetrated?

Can the salaried liars of “l’Humanité” brainwash the workers with impunity?

Shame on the proletariat that remains silent!

Protest, comrades! Lift your voices in your unions, in the Communist Party, in all workers meetings! Demand an accounting; take the complicit functionaries by the throat!

Freedom for Trotsky, freedom for our thousands of our comrades in arms in prison and exile!

Long Live Leon Trotsky!
Long Live the Constitution of the Soviets!
Long Live International Communism!


For the Marx and Lenin Communist Circle

The Executive Commission:
Adler, Albrespy, Bertrand, Charbit, F Gérard, Lachastre, Mahouy, Naville, Patri, Sablé, Souvarine