Haiti 1975

Famine Strikes Haiti

Published: June 16, 1975;
Source: Intercontinental Press, Vol.13, No. 23, p.834;
Transcribed: by Amaury Rodriguez, 2016.

Transcriber’s note: This article appeared in Intercontinental Press (IP), a weekly magazine published in New York on behalf on the Fourth International from 1963 to 1986. I thank Pathfinder Press for granting me permission to post this article.

Half a million Haitians are threatened with starvation in the poverty-stricken northwest region, which has been affected by severe drought conditions for nearly a year. Although this is the area hardest hit, famine conditions are spreading across the rest of the north.

On May 22 the Duvalier regime said 306,889 persons were in a desperate situation because of the “natural catastrophe.” International relief agencies place the figure at closer to 600,000. [1]


1. On October 13, 1975, Intercontinental Press reported that a famine was striking neighboring Dominican Republic. See Famine Strikes Dominican Republic Intercontinental Press, Vol. 13 No. 36, p. 1354.