Fourth Congress of the Communist International – Resolutions

Resolution on the Programme

Source: Published in Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922 (, pp. 631-632.
Translation: Translations by John Riddell
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1. All drafts of the programme will be forwarded to the Executive of the Communist International or to a commission it chooses for consideration and careful review. The Communist International Executive is charged with publishing the draft programmes submitted to it as quickly as possible.

2. The congress affirms that the national sections of the Communist International that do not yet have national programmes are obliged to begin work on them immediately, so that they may be submitted to the Executive no later than three months before the Fifth Congress, in order to be approved by the next congress.

3. The programmes of the national sections must motivate clearly and decisively the need to struggle for transitional demands, with the appropriate proviso that these demands are derived from the specific conditions of place and time.

4. The overall programme must definitely provide a theoretical framework for all transitional and immediate demands. At the same time, the Fourth Congress strongly condemns efforts to portray as opportunism the inclusion of transitional demands in the programme, as well as attempts to employ partial demands to conceal or supplant our fundamental revolutionary tasks.

5. The overall programme must clearly portray the basic historical variants of transitional demands raised by the national sections, corresponding to the fundamental differences in the economic and political structure of each country, such as in Britain as against in India, and so on.