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Workers of the World Unite!
The Communist International
Organ of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Volume 4, 1927

The following numbers are those of the journal, The Communist International for 1927. No editors listed. All were published by the Communist Party of Great Britain at 16 King Street, London, WC2.

Note regarding volume names:

The first series of Communist International bore no name or volume number. It includes issues numbers 1 - 30. Published in London 1919 - early 1924. It is often referred to as the “original series”or as the “old series”. The latter because the next series is officially called the “New Series”. We are calling this Volume 1 in the file names of the pdf files provided here.

The second series of Communist International stated on it that it was the “New Series”. It includes issues numbers 1-23. This spans early 1924 through early 1926. We are noting it as “new series”in the volume names (because it calls itself that in print), but also calling “Volume 2".

After that, the Communist International began assigning Volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December of 1926. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It wasn't until Volume 8, 1931, that a given volume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

After that, the Communist International began assigning Volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It wasn't until Volume 8, 1931, that a given volume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

Here is a text file listing the Series / Volume numbers and dates of issues of CI.

Note things get a bit muddled after 1934, when CI began to be published both in London and in New York City, with different content in same numbered issues, and even different issue numbers. Our listing is primarily if not entirely of the London-published issues.

Page number for each article are given where available

Pamphlets and publications material from the Communist Party of Great Britain that were advertised in the pages of The Communist International. Digitized as part of this project.

Volume 4, 1927 for the entire year

PDFs of issues

Number 1, January 30, 1927

2 Work of the Enlarged Executive Communist International Editorial
6 New Battles on the Way – “A British Communist”
9 Pandora's Box in Lithuania – Anon
11 Immediate Tasks in the Trade Union Movement – G. Smoliansky.
15 The Labour Lieutenants of American imperialism – Jay Lovestone
18 Certain Lessons of the British Campaign
21 The Dutch Trade Pnion Movement and the C.P. of Holland – L. De Visser
25 Re-Organisation of the Smaller Sections of the Commfnist International – M. Grollman.
28 Purchase of Grain in the Soviet Union – P. Alexandrov
29 The German Workers' Swing to the Left

Number 2, February 15, 1927

2 A Web of Lies Editorial
6 The Consequences of the British Miners' Lockout – “Spectator”
10 French Socialists and the Colonial Question – J. Duret
13 After the British Empire Conference – J. T. Murphy
16 From “The Proletarian Revolution” to Counter-Revolution – J. Duret
19 The Negro Problem – William Pickens
21 Pilsudski and the Question of Ukraine And White Russia – G. Turin
22 “Venerable” Opportunism – I.

Number 3, February 28, 1927

26 The Common Enemy – Editorial
30 The Economic Situation in France – Chavaroche
33 The Intervention of the u.s. In Nicaragua – Charles Wurm
35 The Reformists' Report on the Strike – J. T. Murphy
39 The Party on the T.U. Front in the U.S. – Robert Minor
43 The End of Loriot – J. Duret

Number 4, March 15, 1927

46 Under the Control of the Struggling Masses – Editorial
49 Preface to Bukharin's “World Economics and Imperialism” – N. Lenin
51 The Re-Grouping of Forces in the Chinese Revolution – A. Martynov
56 Class and National Struggles in Palestine – A. Shami
60 The Maneuvres of British Imperialism

Number 5, March 30, 1927

66 The Chinese Revolution and the Kuomitang Special –Editorial
68 The British Working Class and the War on China – J. T. MURPHY
72 The Second International “Faces Cantons” – S.
79 The Polihh-German Negotiations – G. V.
82 Charles Emil Ruthberg – Robert Minor
84 Arthur McMan's –J. T. Murphy
88 Thieves in China – J. T. M.

Number 6, April 15, 1927

90 The League in Travail — An Analysis of the Last Session of the League of Nations
93 The Fifth Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang
96 War and the First of May – A. J. Bennet
99 The Labour Party Probletn In Norway – John Pepper
106 The Uprising in Java and Sulllatra – Kjai Samin
110 Champions of Democracy, or the Impressions of Mr. Brockway – A. J. Bennet

Number 7, May 1, 1927

114 After Nanking – Editorial
118 Amsterdam and Colonies the Proletariat of the and the Eas –Victor Demar
121 The Chinese Revolution and India – J. T. Murphy
123 The American Coal-Mining Situation –A. G. Bosse
125 The Resurrection of Italian Trade Unionism –Jules Humbert-Droz
131 A New Stage of the Victorious Revolution – A. Martynov

Number 8, May 30, 1927

138 The Crisis in the Chinese Nationalist Movement – Editorial
142 Scab Legislation of the British Tories – J. T. Murphy
145 Where is Monatte Going ? – J. Duret
147 The Uprising in Java and Sutnatra – Kjai Samin [Continued from issue of April 15]
152 Achievements and Immediate Tasks in Organisation – O. Piatnitsky
158 The Conference of the Czecho-Slovakian Party – A. Wille

Number 9, June 15, 1927

162 Preparation for War – Editorial
164 The World Economic Conference
166 France and the Menace of ltnperialist War – Pierre Semard
169 The Peasant Movetnent in Hunan [A Report published in the central organ of the Communist Party of China, “The Weekly Guide,” 12th March, 1927]
173 Achievements and Tasks in Factory and Trade Union Work – O. Piatnitsky
180 The I.L.P. Conference – J. T. Murphy

Number 10, June 30, 1927

186 The May Plenum of the e.c.c.i. – Editorial
191 Diehard Incendiaries
194 Work in the Trade Unions – O. Piatnitsky
200 The Revolution in China and the Tasks of the C.I. – J. Stalin

Number 11, July 30, 1927

210 The Parting of the Ways – Editorial
214 Reform of the Hofse of Lords – A. J Bennett
216 Germany and the Coming War – Heinz Neumann
219 The Developments in the Chinese Revolution – N. Bukharin
223 Kemalism on the Road to Capitalist Development
227 The Rource of the Zinoviev Letter – F. G.

Number 12, August 15, 1927

230 Clara Zetkin and the Comintern –Editorial
233 Against War an.d the Danger of War –Clara Zetkin
236 This Side and the Other Side of the Barricades –a. Martynov
240 Trade Unionism “On Several Bases” – J. Chavaroche
243 Towards Balkan Unity P. K

Number 13, September 15, 1927

246 August 4th: – Editorial
240 Vienna
252 Mussolini's Labour “Charter” – Jules Humbert Droz
256 Private Capital in the Economic Life of the Soviet Union – A. Rosenthal

Number 14, September 30, 1927

262 Plenum of the C.P.S.U. – Editorial
267 The First Year of the Lenin School – J. T. Murphy
270 The Chinese Question at the Plencm of the C.P.S.U. – K. Kreibich
273 Germany and the Coming War (Conclusion) – H. Neumann
279 Book Review [“The Party Worker.” (Volumes V. and VI. 1927.) Communist
Party of Germany, Berlin.]

Number 15, October 15, 1927

282 The Disruptfonists Are Getting Ready – Editorial
288 Edinburgh – A. J. Bennet
290 Lessons of the Sacco-Vanzetti Campaign – J. Pepper
294 The International Situation – J. Stalin
311 Book Review [LUPTA DE CLASA, theoretical f1ghting organ of the Communist Party of Roumania. Nos. 1 to 5, June, 1926 to June, 1927; 296 pages.]

Number 16, November 15, 1927

314 Downfall –Editorial
316 The Situation in the Chinese Communist Party
318 The Political Complexion of the Russian Opposition –J. Stalin
322 Socialist Russia—Capitalist Britain –T. Bell
323 A Difficult Transition-From Kuomintang to Soviets
326 After Edinburgh-Blackpool – A. J. Bennet
330The Soviet Economic Plan for 1927-28 – A. Rosenthal