MIA: History: International: Communist International: the Communist International [Vol. 6, 1929 ]

Workers of the World Unite!
The Communist International
Organ of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Volume 6, 1929

The following numbers are those of the journal, The Communist Internatonal for 1929 . No editors listed. All were published by the Communist Party of Great Britain at 16 King Street, London, WC2.

Note regarding v0lume names:

The first series of Communist International bore no name or v0lume number. It includes issues numbers 1 - 30. Published in London 1919 - early 1924. It is often referred to as the “original series”or as the “old series”. the latter because the next series is officially called the “New Series”. We are calling this Volume 1 in the file names of the pdf files provided here.

The second series of Communist International stated on it that it was the “New Series”. It includes issues numbers 1-23. This spans early 1924 through early 1926. We are noting it as “new series”in the v0lume names (because it calls itself that in print), but also calling “Volume 2".

After that, the Communist International began assigning Volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December of 1926. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It wasn’t until Volume 8, 1931, that a given v0lume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

Here is a text file listing the Series / Volume numbers and dates of issues of CI.

Note things get a bit muddled after 1934, when CI began to be published both in London and in New York City, with different content in same numbered issues, and even different issue numbers. Our listing is primarily if not entirely of the London-published issues.

Page number for each article are given where available

Pamphlets and publications material from the Communist Party of Great Britain that were advertised in the pages of The Communist International. Digitized as part of this project.

Volume 6, 1929 for the entire year
PDFs of issues

No. 3 January 1

57 The “Right” in the C.P.S.U. and the Comintern – Editorial
61 The Split in the Polish Socialist Party – B. Valetsky
67 Lessons of the German Lock-Out – 5. – Gussie
86 Reformism in the U.S.A. Presidential Elections – N. Nasanov

No. 4 January 15

93 The Problem of Agricultural Development in the U.S.S.R. – Editorial
102 Tendencies in the British Party – Page Arnot
114 The Struggle on Two Fronts. – A.J. Bennet
119 The Coming Congress of the C.P.G.B. – W. Rust

No. 5 February 1

129 The Curtain Raised – Editorial
135 The Anniversary of the Canton Rising – V. Lominadze
143 Stalin’s Speech at the Presidium of the E.C.C.I.
150 Opportunism in Czecho-Slovakia – Paul Reimann

No. 6 February 15

161 The Eighth Congress of the U.S.S.R. Trade Unions
165 The Improvement and Cleansing of the C.P.S.U. – E. Yaroslavsky
171 The Congress of the French C.P. – B.V.
178 The Comintern on the Right Danger m the Communist Party of Germany – B.V.
186 Book Review

No. 7 March 1

193 The U.S.S.R.’s Peace Proposais – Editorial
198 The Tenth Congress of the C.P.G.B.
204 Luxemburg to Lenin or Luxemburg to Kautsky? – A. Martinov
217 The Reparations Problem and the Imperialist Bloc – E. Varga

No. 8 March 15

225 The Story of a Certain Principle – Editonal
228 Comintern Instructions to Forthcoming Party Congresses – A. Martinov
239 The Last Session of the League Against Imperialism
244 Trust Socialism: The Trustification of German Social-Democracy – M. Leonid 254 Book Review

No. 9 and 10 April [10th Anniversaray of publication of CI]

258 The Road of the Comintern – Editorial
273 The Comintern in the East – Editorial
293 On the Eve of Fresh Battles – S. Gussiev
313 Marx and Lenin in the Proletarian Rev0lution – E. Yaroslavsky
325 The C.P. of the Soviet Union and the Communist International – Bela Kun
333 The Comintern and the Struggle for the Masses – A. Lozovsky
346 Rev0lutionary Alliance of the Workers and Peasantry – V. Kolarov
360 War, Rev0lution and the Birth of the Comintern – G. Zinoviev
371 Surrender of the Second International in the Emancipation of Women – Klara Zetkin
383 The Comintern and the Second International on Capitalist Stabilisation – A. J. Bennett
388 The Road to the Communist International – C. Kabakchiev
396 “Ten Years of the Comintern and the International Red Aid – Felix Kon
401 The Bankers’ Conference at Paris
406 Ten Years’ Fighting Experiences of the C.P. of Germany – W. Ulbricht
412 “The Third International and the Working Class Movement in the Last Ten Years – P. Semard
419 The C.P. of Great Britain Under the Banner of the Comintern – T. Bell
422 The Communist International and the Foundation of the C.P. of China – Yu-Ang-Li
428 On the Road to the First Congress – Boris Reinstein
436 The Foundation of the Comintern and the Spartakusbund – Hugo Eberlein
443 The Formation of the Communist International – J. Fineberg
446 Ten Years of “The Communist International”
448 Ten Years of Comintern Publications – M. Krepps

No. 11, 12, and 13 May

454 Forward for the International Red Day against Imperialist Wars – Editorial
457 The Reserve Army of Unemployment – C. Wurm
470 The Anniversary of the Proletarian Rev0lution in Hungary – Bela Kun
478 Trotsky’s Travels – S. Novikov
488 For the Forthcoming Plenum of the E.C.C.I.
502 Problems of the Rev0lutionary Movement in India – P. Schubin
527 Social-Fascism in Germany
533 The Rev0lt of the Liquidators in the Red Trade Unions of CzechoSlovakia – G. Henrikovsky 540 After the Fifth Party Congress of the C.P. of Czecho-Slovakia
547 Trotsky at the Tribune of Chamberlain – A. Martinov

No. 14 June 1

553 The Imperialists are Arming – Editorial
560 On the International Situation
574 The Forthcoming Congress of the Communist Party of Germany – W. Ulbricht

No. 15 June 15

585 The May Day Front – Editorial
588 At a New Stage
600 For the Forthcoming Plenum of the E.C.C.I. – E. Varga
609 The Ideology of American Reformism at the Turning Point – N. Nasonov
616 E. C. C. I. Statement on the Murder of an E.C.C.I. Member

No. 16 Jun 30

617 May Day in Berlin – Editorial
623 Canada and the Anglo-American Conflict – John Porter
630 How Not to Fight Militarism – L. Alfred
633 For the Forthcoming Plenum af the E C C I (Conclusion)

No. 17 July 15

649 A Government of the Bourgeoisie’s Third Party
652 For the Forthcoming Plenum of the E.C.C.I.
656 A. Lozovsky’s First Speech
672 C. Magyar’s Report in the Political Commission of the E.C.C.I. on the Imperialist World and the Colonies

No. 18 August 1

681 The Tenth Plenum of the E.C.C.I. – Editorial
689 After the General Election. – J. T. Murphy
695 The British Elections and the New Labour Government – R. Palme Dutt
705 Magdeburg – Karl Kreibich

No. 19 August 15

709 1889-1914-1929. The Second International Anniversary Celebration
717 On the Road to a New Rev0lutionary Rise – S. Gusiev
728 Reparations Under the Young Plan – E. Varga
736 The Struggle in the Scottish Coalfields – E. H. Brown

No. 20 September 1

741 On the Upgrade: Results of the Tenth Plenum
755 The Prov0cation in the Far East
762 The Reformist “Struggle for Peace” is Preparation for War – P. Shubin
771 A New Era of Democratic Pacifism – or the Sharpening of Fundamental Contradictions – P. Lapinsky
781 Trial of Indian Rev0lutionaries. – S.
791 Collective Farming in the U.S.S.R. – A. Gaister

No. 21 September 15

797 The Hague Conference
800 The Face of German Social-Fascism – R. Gerber
809 The Fascist Danger in Austria – J. Koepling
813 Social-Imperialism and the Colonies – P. Shubin

No. 22 October 1

833 Bring the Decisions of the Tenth Plenum of the E.C. C. I. to the Masses
838 Jug-o-Slavia under the Lash
843 Bukharin ’s Theoretical Conclusions and the Political Conclusions drawn bv the Comintern
848 “Organised Capitalism” in the Various Countries – Heinz Neumann
858 Socialist Rivaln∑ and the Trade Union Movement – I. Rv.
864 The Rev0lutionary Outlook in Palestine
871 The Tenth Plenum of the E.C.C.I. and the British Party
886 The Results of August 1st in Czecho-Slovakia – Paul Reimann
890 The First of August Stru~gle in Poland and its Lessons
897 Organisational Lessons of the First of August – B. W.
902 A Marionette Show
904 Religion, Marxism, and the Second International

No. 23 October 15

909 The Competition of the Masses for the Rev0lution
912 From Trade Unionism to Social-Fascism – A. Smoliansky
916 The Rising Rev0lutionary Wave in China
924 The Policy of the Labourists and the Sharpening of Imperialist Contradictions – G.
931 Collective Progress and the Lone Heroes – Bela Kun
938 The Tenth Plenum and the Swedish Communist Party
939 Open Letter to the Members of the Swedish Communist Party
944 The Struggle Against the Right Danger in the Communist Party of Canada – John Porter
954 Resolution of the Political-Secretariat of August 30

No. 24 November 1

957 The Austrian Bourgeoisie’s Move towards a Fascist Dictatorship
and the Tasks of the Proletarian Counter-Attack
964 The Twelfth Anniversary of the October Rev0lution
969 The League Against Imperialism: Its Congress and Its New Tasks
975 Capitalist Rationalisation and the Standard of Living of the Anglo-American Proletariat – N. Nasonov
981 The Fight Against Opportunism in the Sections of the Comintern
984 “Notes of an Economist” in the Light of the Results of the First Year of the Five-Year Plan
992 To the C.C. and Members of the C.P. of Sweden

No. 25 November 15

997 Socialist Construction in the U.S.S.R. – H. Nagler
1001 Capitalist Rationalisation and the Standard of Living
of the Anglo-American Proletariat – N. Nasonov
1005 E.C.C.I. Activities
1012 The Fight for the New Line – J. F.
1018 The Development of the Rev0lutionary Class Struggle in Germany

No. 26 December 1

1029 The Pace Must Not Slacken
1035 How the Bolsheviks Work Out Their Plans, Prepare for Struggle, and Grapple with Obstacles – A. Martynov
1044 The Purging of the Party and the Approval of Its Ranks – E. Yaroslavsky
1049 The Tenth Plenum of the E.C.C.I.
1052 The “Present Moment” in India – G. Safarov

No. 27 December 15

1057 The C.P .S.U. November Plenum and the Bankruptcy of the Right-Wing Opposition
1063 The Change must be Carried Out
1066 The International Exchange Crash-Forerunner of the Approaching Economic Crisis – E. Varga
1074 The Third Period and the Mass Political Strike – M. Yablonski
1080 The Question of Proletarian Defence – L. Alfred
1085 The Minority Movement – W. Rust

[Note that Volume 6 also contains the first FOUR issues of 1930 CI, numbers 28 thru 31.]