MIA: History: International: Communist International: the Communist International [Vol. 8, 1931]

Workers of the World Unite!
The Communist International
Organ of the Executive Committee of the Communist International
Volume 8, 1931

The following numbers are those of the journal, The Communist Internatonal for 1931. No editors listed. All were published – the Communist Party of Great Britain at 16 King Street, London, WC2.

Note regarding v0lume names:

The first series of Communist International bore no name or v0lume number. It includes issues numbers 1 - 30. Published in London 1919 - early 1924. It is often referred to as the “original series”or as the “old series”. the latter because the next series is officially called the “New Series”. We are calling this Volume 1 in the file names of the pdf files provided here.

The second series of Communist International stated on it that it was the “New Series”. It includes issues numbers 1-23. This spans early 1924 through early 1926. We are noting it as “new series”in the v0lume names (because it calls itself that in print), but also calling “Volume 2".

After that, the Communist International began assigning Volume numbers to subsequent runs of issue numbers. Starting with Volume 3 for October, November, and December of 1926. Hence our back-numbering of Volume 2 and Volume 1. It wasn’t until Volume 8, 1931, that a given v0lume number was assigned to a single year of publication of CI.

Here is a text file listing the Series / Volume numbers and dates of issues of CI.

Note things get a bit muddled after 1934, when CI began to be published both in London and in New York City, with different content in same numbered issues, and even different issue numbers. Our listing is primarily if not entirely of the London-published issues.

Page number for each article are given where available

Pamphlets and publications material from the Communist Party of Great Britain that were advertised in the pages of The Communist International. Digitized as part of this project.

Contents The Communist International 1931

Volume 8

No. 1 January 15, 1931

2 Intervention Depends on You
8 Intervention at the Bar of Proletarian Dictatorship
14 The Economic Crisis Is Becoming a General National Crisis – E. Varga
21 The Crisis on the British Railways – A. Rothstein
28 Lessons of the Right .. Cum .. “Left” Bloc in the U.S.S.R. 34 A Letter to the Editor

No. 2 February 1, 1931

38 Lessons of the Moscow Trial
42 The Round Table Conference and the Indian National Congress – Valya
48 The Economic Crisis, the Capitalist Offensive and Partial Demands – M.R.
54 Notes on the British Party and its Charter Campaign
58 Unemployment in the U.S.A.
65 Resolution on the Negro Question in the United States

No. 3-4 [Dual Number Issue] February 15, 1931

78 A Political Summary of 1930
85 The Industrial Programme for the Decisive Year of the Five Year Plan
91 Tendencies Towards Fascism in Great Britain – J. Fineberg
97 The Problem of the Development of the World Economic Crisis Into a Political Crisis – A. Martynov
105 India in 1930 – M. Ali
113 The International Significance of the Revolution of 1905

No. 5 March 1, 1931

122 The United Front of Employed and Unemployed – A. Lozovsky
125 Notes on British Imperialism in 1930 125 – R. Page Arnot
132 The Mechanisation of Production in Capitalist Countries and in the U.S.S.R. – M. Rubinstein
136 International Unemployment Day in Britain – Hal Wilde
140 The Social Fascists on the “Solving” of the World Economic Crisis and Unemployment – R. Naumann

No. 6 March 15, 1931

146 The Communist Party of Germany Is Going Ahead – E. Thalmann 156 Prospects of Unemployment in the u.s.A. – Nosonov 162 The Struggle for the Bolshevisation of the Communist Party of China – V. Kuchymov 168 After the Liquidation of Unemployment in the U.S.S.R. – V. Zenkovitch 174 Lenin as Theoretician and Tactician of the Armed Uprising – B.V.

No. 7 April 15, 1931

178 The Trial of the International of Saboteurs and Interventionists – A. Martynov
182 Decaying Capitalism and Emancipated Labour
190 Political Preparations for War Against the Soviet Union – F.B.
198 Preparation of Transport for Anti-Soviet Intervention – A.B.
204 Main Features of British Factory Papers – N.H.
208 Upper Digoul – P. De Groot
211 International Contacts of the Proletariat

No. 8 May 1, 1931

218 International Menshevism in the Dock – A. Martynov
222 Workers, Beware of the Thieves at Home! – A. Martynov
226 The Present Stage of the World Economic Crisis – V. Motylev
235 The Break .. Up of Stabilisation, the Revolutionary Upsurge and the Political Crisis – V. Knorin
241 Organisational Tasks at a New Stage – O. Bever
246 The Organisational Structure of the National Socialist Movement and its Methods of Work Among the Masses – L. Alfred
254 May Day, 1931
258 The Treachery of the National Congress and the Revolutionary Upsurge in India – G. Safarov
265 The World Agrarian Crisis and the Peasant Movement – V. Kolarov
273 Weak Points on the Comintern Front – O. Kuusinen
277 The Organisational Work of the Communist Party of Germany – A. Creutzburg.

No. 9 May 15, 1931

254 May Day, 1931
258 The Treachery of the National Congress and the Revolutionary Upsurge in India – G. Safarov
265 The World Agrarian Crisis and the Peasant Movement – V. Kolarov
273 Weak Points on the Comintern Front – O. Kuusinen
277 The Organisational Work of the Communist Party of Germany – A. Creutzburg.

No. 10 June 1, 1931

286 How to Take Advantage of the Extra-Ordinarily Favourable Situation ; How to Overcome Backwardness
292 Results of the Xi Plenum of the E.C.C.I. The 2nd International and the
Question of Intervention During the First Russian Revolution – G. Valetsky
295 The Role of Rumania in Intervention Against the U.S.S.R. – T. Marin
304 Preliminary Results of International Unemployment Day, February 25th

No. 11-12 [Dual Number Issue] July 1, 1931

318 May Day, 1931, on the Crest of the Revolutionary Wave
324 The Spanish Communist Party and the Revolltttonary Situation
331 The Violet Republic and the Bourgeois Democratic Revolution in Spain – Shavarosh
337 Problems of the Revolutionary Crisis and the Tasks of Sections of the Communist International (Concluding Speech at the Xi. Plenum of the E.C.C.I.) – D. Manuilsky

No. 13 July 15, 1931

354 The European Gendarme and Imperialism’s Fighting Brigade
359 The Events in Sweden – P. Mehring
362 The Finances of Socialist Construction – Dr. H. Nagler
370 The Agrarian Crisis in British West Africa – G. Padmore

No. 14 [Special Anti-War Issue] August 15, 1931

378 F. Engels on World War
379 in Memory of Hsiang Chung Fa
381 Widen the Front Against Military Intervention – Bela Kun
385 The c.p. On the Anti-Militarist Front – B. Vassiliev
389 On the Defence of the Soviet Union – Hermann Remmele
391 The Approaching War and the Trade Unions – A. Lozovsky
399 America, Europe and the War Question – R. Palme Dutt
406 The Civil Population in the Coming War – Nemo
413 Indices of Growth of Capitalist Armaments

No. 15 September 1, 1931

422 On a Higher Stage (The June Plenum of the c.c. Of the c.p.s.u.)
429 Unpublished Letters of Marx & Engels
437 The Fight for the Streets – L. Alfred
442 Organisational Problems in Under-Ground Revolutionary Work – B. Vassiliev
446 Tenth Anniversary of the Mongolian Revolution
447 The Tasks of the Communist Parties in the Rural Districts – Hornle
450 The Red Army of the Chinese Revolution – G. Sinani

No. 16 September 15, 1931

458 The Bolshevisation of the Communist Party of Spain
463 The Chief Task of the Moment
473 The Polytechnical School – N. Krupskaya
476 Karl Liebknecht

No. 17 [Special Double Number] October 15, 1931

482 The Common Fate of Capitalism and of Social Democracy – Bela Kun
492 The English Atlantic Fleet
495 General Attack on the English Working Class
500 The Role of the Second International After Vienna – Palme Dutt
511 The Referendum in Prussia and the Revolutionary Mobilisation of the Masses – Knorin
516 The Struggle Oftheworkingclass for the Leadership of the National Movement in India – Valiya
526 on the Draft Platform of Action of the Communist Party of India
527 The Red Army of the Chinese Revolution (Continued) – G. Sinani
538 The Nationalist Question in Capitalist Europe – Kuusinen

No. 18 November 1, 1931

546 From Opposition to the Revolutionary Class Struggle
553 Vacillations and Weakness Which We Should Not Tolerate
557 Frankfurt and Bristol
562 Fiftieth Birthday of Kuusinen
563 The Minority in the Dock – A. Lozovsky
580 Party Organiser – V. Pavlova
583 The Split in the All Indian Trade Union Congress

No. 19 November 15, 1931

590 October Revolution and the Approach of the New Revolutionary Crisis
599 New Conditions, New Tasks and New Slanders – Martynov
612 Where Giants Are Built – E. bral1d
620 The Cultural Revolution – N. Krupskaya
624 Collectivisation Results – N Ikulihin
631 Position of the Working Class in the U.S.S.R. And the Capitalist Countries – Tsybulski

No. 20 [64 Page Issue] December 1, 1931

642 A Preliminary Appraisal of the Recent Election in England
648 Mr. Roy in the Service of British Imperialism and the National Congress
656 The Revolutionary Crisis in China and the Tasks of the Chinese Communists
664 Some Questions Regarding the History of Bolshevism – J. Stalin
670 Obituary: Kofarjieb The Fresh Wave of White Terror in Bulgaria – P. Iskrov
673 Corrections to the “Common Fate of Capitalism and Social-Democracy"
675 The Minority in the French United General Confederation of Labour in the Service of the Bourgeoisie – V. Assiliev 681 Report of the Meeting of the Executive Bureau of the R.I.L.U. 694 The Struggle for Indian State Independence: A Condition of the Success of the English Proletariat – Valia

No. 21 December 15, 1931

706 the Interventionist Front Is Widening
711 Japanese Intervention in Manchuria – S. Natsov
713 Mistakes in Our Work: and the way to overcome them (Part 1) – Ernst Thalmann
723 The Fight Against Groupings in the c.p. Of France – Schavarosch

No. 22 December 30, 1931

731 Japanese Imperialism in All its Insolent Nakedness
(Concerning the Tanaka Memorandum)
[We print in this issue the secret memorandum handed to the Japanese Emperor on Ju{y 25th, 1927, – the Japanese Prime Minister, Tanaka. “All the workers of the world should know this document .... a most secret, intimate document in which the Imperialists throw off the mask ..... giving us the key to all going on now in Manchuria.” “A barefaced description of the bloody violence, robbery, oppression, lies, deceit and cunning used – Imperialism."]
749 Mistakes in Our Theoretical Work and the WAY to OVERCOME THEM (Part II.) – E. Thalmann
[E. Thalmann, in the conclusion of his article, deals 1vith incorrect views of Fascism (giving concrete examples) and, ftnal{y, makes a brilliant refutation of individual terrorism to which some German C.P. sympathisers tend, and utilising Lenin’s arguments against the socialist revolutionaries in 1902, shows the grave danger of being provoked – “Nazi” terrorism into leavin,.g the important mass work to retaliate – revolver play.]