Communist Party of Britain

Britain’s Road to Socialism (2001)

Source: Communist Party of Britain
Published: 2001, 7th edition
HTML Markup: Brian Reid
Online Version: Britain’s Road to Socialism

Table of Contents


Chapter I. Capitalism and Crisis

1. Workers and Capitalists
2. Monopoly Capitalism and Imperialism
3. The Challenge of Socialism
4. Imperialism versus Working People
5. The Struggle for Environmental and Ecological Security
6. Imperialism or Socialism

Chapter II. The Crisis in Britain

1. Tory Strategy in the 1980s and 1990s
2. State Monopoly Capitalism Today
3. The Role of Reformism

Chapter III. The Alternative Economic and Political Strategy

1. Economic and Social Policies
2. The Democratic Policies of the AEPS
3. An Independent Foreign Policy

Chapter IV. The Forces for Change

1. The Capitalist Class
2. Intermediate Strata
3. The Working Class
4. The Labour Movement
5. The Communist Party and Revolutionary Leadership
6. Other Democratic Movements
7. The Democratic Anti-Monopoly Alliance

Chapter V. The Advance to Socialism

1. State Power and Socialism