Communist Party of Britain

Britain’s Road to Socialism (2011)

Publisher: Communist Party of Britain
Published: 31 October 2011, 8th edition
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The Communist Party of Britain (Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Rd, London CR0 1BD. Registered with the UK Electoral Commission ref: PP 78) is the publisher and sole copyright holder for 8th edition of the book, "Britain's Road to Socialism." The Communist Party of Britain grants the Marxists Internet Archive perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, and non-commercial rights to distribute this book through Marxists Internet Archive Web sites, CDs, DVDs, or other current and future formats. No royalties are due for these rights.
Authorship of the book must be attributed to the Communist Party of Britain. The party still retains all rights to distribute its own material on its own terms.

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