The Errors of Trotskyism

A Symposium

Date: May 1925
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/HTML Markup: Brian Reid
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Table of Contents

I.    Introduction, J. T. Murphy

II.    The Need to Study October, L. Trotsky

III.    How One Should Not Write the History of October, Pravda

IV.    Bolshevism or Trotskyism, G. Zinoviev

V.    Leninism or Trotskyism, Comrade Stalin

VI.    Leninism or Trotskyism, L. Kamenev

VII.    How Should the History of October be Written?, G. Sokolnikov

VIII.    A Misleading Description of the “German October”, O. W. Kuusinen

IX.    The Lessons of October, N. Krupskaya

X.    Comrade Trotsky’s Letter to the Central Committee of the R.C.P.

XI.    Resolution of the Central Committee of the R.C.P.