Executive Committee of the Communist International

A Decision the Executive of the Communist International

Source: The Communist Review, May 1921, Vol. 1, No. 1.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/HTML Markup: Brian Reid
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The following telegram has been sent by the Executive Committee of the Communist International to the United Communist Party of Germany (U.K.P.D.):—

1. The E.C. confirms its resolution in connection with the Italian question, and continues to support the Communist Party of Italy.

2. The E.C. most energetically protests against the support given to the Centrist group of Serrati at Leghorn, and on other occasions by members of the Central Committee of the U.K.P.D.—Paul Levy. The E.C. is convinced that on the Italian question the great majority of the German Party is on the side of the Italian Communists and the E.C., and not on the side of Comrade Paul Levy.

3. The E.C. declares its entire agreement with the resolution adopted by the U.K.P.D. on February 1st, and insists that the Central Committee shall admit of no interpretation of that resolution which would be equivalent to support for the Centrists group of Serrati, and which would, therefore, create difficulties for the Italian Communists.

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the Executive Committee of the Communist International after a careful consideration of the situation.

Comrade Geyer, representative of the U.K.P.D., voted for points 1 and 3, and against point 2.


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