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MIA: CP Great Britain Archive: The Struggle Against Trotskyism

1925: The “Arrest” of Trotsky, Workers’ Weekly
1925: A Keen Discussion of Trotsky, Workers’ Weekly
1925: The Resignation of Trotsky: Trotskyism, A Peril to the Party, Andrew Rothstein
1925: Trotsky on Lenin, Arthur MacManus
1925: Introduction to “The Errors of Trotskyism”, J. T. Murphy

1927: Lenin’s Widow, J. T. Murphy

1928: Trotzky the Splitter at Work, Workers’ Life

1929: Trotsky the Temporary Bolshevik Exposed, J. T. Murphy

1933: Trotsky on the Russian Revolution, Andrew Rothstein

1936: The Moscow Trial, W. G. Shepherd

1936-7: The Moscow Trial Was Fair, D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. & Pat Sloan

1937: The Socialist Offensive, R. Page Arnot
1937: Defeat of Trotskyism, Marjorie Pollitt

1938: Fascist Agents Exposed in the Moscow Trials, R. Page Arnot and Tim Buck

1942: Clear Out Hitler’s Agents, Bill Wainwright

1948: An Historian on the Russian Revolution, John Gollan

1949: The Battle of Ideas and the Importance of Theory, James Gardner

1950: Stalin: Slander and Truth, C. Allen