Unity Convention

Tentative Proposals Providing For Transformation into the Communist Party

Source: Communist Unity Convention: Official Report
Date: September 1920
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
Public Domain: Marxists Internet Archive (2006). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source.

1. That the present acting Joint Provisional Committee with an additional Six Members appeinted from the Convention be elected as the Provisional Executive Committee for the Communist Party.

2. The Provisional Executive to draft a basis for Constitution and Rules, and submit same to Membership for Amendment and final approval by Referendum Vote.

3. The Provisional Executive to make temporary provision for carrying over the business of the Party until the end of December, 1920, as the financial year.

4. They accept the offer of the B.S.P. Executive of the use of the hall and offices at 21a Maiden Lane, Strand, London, W.C.2, until the expiration of the tenancy at Christmas, 1920, or pending the obtaining of other suitable office accommodation.

5. They arrange for a complete examination of all literature in circulation with a view to the re-issue of publications going out of print, and also other manuscripts available dealing with the general revolutionary situation. [1]

6. They consider a Uniform System of book-keeping for general use throughout the Party, and if possible have same ready for adoption at the beginning of the New Financial Year.

7. They arrange for election to office of a new E.C. by calling for Nominations and arranging a Ballot should such be necessary.

8. The Provisional Executive to expedite the transformation of all groups and branches into units of the Communist Party.

9. They close up entirely all business transactions of branches and groups now merged in the Communist Party, as rapidly as possible, thus transforming all assets and liabilities into the common property of the Communist Party.

10. That all present party employees be taken over and requested to carry on pending any re-arrangements necessitated by the adoption of the Party rules.

11. That a central organ be issued on behalf of the Communist Party and that its name be The “COMMUNIST.”

12. The Provisional Executive to make immediate application for affiliation to the Third International as the Communist Party of Great Britain.

13. The Provisional Executive pledges itself to facilitate in every possible way the transition into the Communist Party, and to do all it can to ensure that the new E.C. will be placed in possession of the full machinery of the Party.

14. FINANCE. That all members be levied 1s per month for the five months August-December for headquarters purposes; the levies to be collected by the branches and remitted to the Central Office.

15. That pending the drafting of the Rules, the branches shall have liberty to fix the subscription of their members for the remainder of 1920, the Provisional Executive to issue temporary membership cards to the branches to cover this period.


1. That all members and Branch officials assist in every way the efforts of the Provisional E.C, to set the Party on a sound and secure footing.

2. Branch Secretaries and other officials be urged to co-operate in every way with the adoption and operation of any temporary system of working which may be deemed necessary to carry over the period of transformation.

3. That all members extend loyalty and fidelity to the Communist Party as being greater and of more consequence than the personal and individual quality of any member thereof, and urge that all Members subordinate themselves to the general will of the Party.



1. This was deferred pending an investigation by the Provisional Executive out of the discussion at the Convention.