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Communist Unity Convention

July 31st — August 1st, 1920


Unity Conference, 1920

The proceedings of the Communist Unity Convention at which the Communist Party of Great Britain was founded.

Negotiations began early in 1919 to unite the various British Marxist and revolutionary groups and organisations into a single Party.

After many meetings the main organisations involved agreed that the remaining points of difference should be settled at it the Convention itself. They formed a Joint Provisional Committee to make final preparations, issued a “Call for a Communist Party”, and convened the Convention for July 31st — August 1st, 1920

Provisional Executive Committee
Circular of Invitation to the Unity Convention
List of Delegates
Tentative Proposals Providing For Transformation into the Communist Party
Fraternal Greetings:

Austrian Communist Party | Dutch Communist Party
German Communist Party | Swiss Communist Party
Hungarian Communists | Italian Communist Party
Left Wing I.L.P. Group | Norwegian Labour Party
Lithuanian Communist Federation Executive Committee
Tom Mann | Clara Zetkin | N. Lenin

Official Report
Secretary’s Report

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1920: The Communist Unity Group, Thomas Bell and William Paul

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1920: British Communists in Conference, Albert Inkpin
1920: Report as to the Communist Movement in Britain, Tom Quelch & W.M. McLaine
1920: The Communist Conference, The Communist
1924: The Communist International and the British Labour Movement, Robert Stewart

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1960: The Foundation of the Communist Party of Great Britain, James Klugmann