MIA: Comintern Archive: France

Maurice Thorez


Communist Party of France


French Socialist Party joins Comintern 1920
The Death of Lenin, Marcel Cachin 1924

Fight Without Cease for Bolshevization, Albert Treint 1924
The Marquis de Sade, Paul Elaurd, January 1927
Against the Split, Albert Treint et al, November 1927
Foreign Workers 1928

Resolution of the Secretariat of the CI on the Policies of the French Party 1930
Elections in the Party!, Jacques Duclos 1931
Class Against Class! 1932
Declaration of an Ex-Trotskyist, Gourget 1932
What is the State of the Unemployed Movement?, Charles Tillon 1933
Doriot is Expelled from the Communist Party 1934
The Fascist Riot, 6 February 1934
Smashing Victory of the Communist Party, Marcel Cachin, 1936
Victory! The Popular Front Triumphs, Marcel Cachin, 1936
Headlines from L’Humanité L’Humanité, May/June 1936
For the Respect of the Will of the People L’Humanité, May 27 1936
“Everything isn’t Possible” L’Humanité, June 12 1936
The Eighth Congress of the French Communist Party, Jacques Duclos, August 1936
Eight Thousand Parisians Acclaim Soviet Justice, L'Humanité, February 13, 1937
Long Live Peace! Louis Aragon 1939
On the Dissolution of the Communist Party of the U.S.A. Jacques Duclos November 18, 1945

Maurice Thorez Archive (1900-1964)

The Resistance (1940-45)

The Algerian War (1954-62)

May-June 1968

Declaration by PCF Secretary General Waldeck-Rochet, 25 May 1968
Speech by Waldeck-Rochet, 31 May 1968
Communiqué of the CGT, 5 June 1968
Page One Statement in l’Humanité, 6 June 1968
Communiqué of the CGT, 6 June 1968