Justice December 1911


Source: Anon, Justice, (letter) 23 September 1911;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

The Liberal Persian Committee, “Enjumani Scadeti,” in Constantinople, has sent an address to the German Reichstag asking for Germany’s protection from the attacks of the Russians in Persia. It says: “For more than two years the Russian troops have occupied the most important Persian towns, on the pretext of protecting the foreigners, who, however, according to the statements of all the European diplomatic agents, have never been in danger. Russia formally promised to withdraw the troops as soon as order was restored. Instead of that she continues to create disorder with the intention of basing thereon an occupation for all eternity. The past year was a sad one. The bandit Rahein Khan, who had fled to Russia, came back to Persia in order to plunder the province of Erdebil, and levy contributions under threats of fire. Now Russia, in spite of her official assurance, guaranteed by England, that she will watch over the ex-Shah Mahommed Ali in his exile at Odessa, and prevent him from conspiring against the constitutional Government of Persia, has made it easy for the deposed Shah to effect an entry into Persian territory after he has sent in arms and munitions from Baku. In spite of the protest of the Persian Government, Russia already, with the help of her Cossacks, liberated the miserable reactionary, Reschid ul Mulk from the prison of Tabriz. She has organised the revolts of the Schachsevennes in favour of the deposed Shah. She has just forbidden the Russian instruction officers of the Persian cavalry brigade from supplying the munition of war which is needed by the lawful Persian government to equip the expedition against the deposed ruler.

Justice December 1911

An Appeal from the Persian Socialists.

Source: Anon, Justice, 9 December 1911, p.1;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

The following letter has been received by the International Socialist Bureau:-

Citizens, – Young Persia is just now passing through a most painful period.

We had been able to obtain our portion of liberty, small though it may have been. We had obtained it at the price of desperate struggles, at the price of our blood. Now this liberty, so painfully acquired, is in danger, for the Czardom of Russia, that sworn enemy of all liberty and its ally, the Liberal Government of Great Britain, have laid their heads together with the object of upsetting our country and reinstating autocracy.

If Young Persia had had only the miserable Mahmed Ali against her, he and his band would have been reduced to nothing long ago.

Unhappily, it is not only Mahmed Ali. All the international rapacity of reactionary Governments bars the way for us. It does not want the liberty and independence of Persia at any price, because, for its work of colonial and capitalistic exploitation it is important that the Persian nation should be a nation of slaves, having at its head a venal and criminal being, so that our unhappy country may be more easily subjected and ruined.

Latterly, ignore it not! the Russian Government, with the assent of the English Government, has openly violated the agreement concluded between these two Governments and the new Persian Government. The last clauses of this compact impose on the Russian and English Governments the duty of opposing all attempts of the ex-Shah to regain power. Now, the Russian Government, after having sought by doubtful and criminal manoeuvres to encourage riot and trouble, and to impede the action of the young constitutional Government, finally made Mahmed Ali return to Persia in order to give him the throne.

In the face of such a base betrayal, all the other European Governments remain unmoved. They hope, perhaps, to have their share in the spoil or to obtain at least compensations.

To triumph in these difficulties, all the partisans of the liberty and independence of Persia, enemies of colonial ruffianism, should spare no effort. And in such painful times, when on all sides we see only enemies, it is only from the Socialist proletariat that we can hope to find support and sympathy; for you alone, you are the brothers and friends of all the oppressed, to whatever nationality they belong.

Raise your voices then, in favour of our liberty, in your Parliaments, in your meetings, in your Press, wherever it is possible for you to protest. Protest against the policy of your Government with regard to us; but protest above all against the iniquitous policy of the Russian and English Governments, who are preparing themselves to stifle the Persian people. Even if your cries and your indignant protestations do not succeed in modifying the policy of our enemies, we shall hear them, and they will fill our hearts with courage in our struggle.

Long live the liberty of; the peoples!
Long live International Socialism!

The Central Committee of the Social-Democratic Party of Persia.
IBRAHIM, Secretary.