Social Democracy History Archive

Weekly newspaper of British Social Democracy

Some articles by E. Belfort Bax, August Bebel, Eduard Bernstein, Karl Kautsky, Jean Jaurès, Paul Lafargue, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Dora Montefiore, William Morris, Harry Quelch, Theodore Rothstein and Clara Zetkin. See Full List of articles 1907-1911.

January 19Morris, The Principles of "Justice" (with H.M. Hyndman and J.Taylor)
January 19Morris, An Old Fable Retold
January 26Morris, Cotton and Clay
February 9Morris, Order and Anarchy
February 9Morris, The Bondholders Battue (with H.M.Hyndman)
February 9Morris, Chants for Socialists - Number 2: The Voice of Toil
March 1Morris, An Appeal to Genuine Radicals
March 1Bax, The German Press on the Socialist Movement in England
March 8Morris, Chants for Socialists - Number 1: The Day is Coming
March 8Bax, Dynamite in England
March 15Morris, Art or No Art? Who Shall Settle It?
March 15Bernard Shaw, Who is the Thief?
March 22Bax, A Tale of the Paris Slums
April 5Morris, Henry George
April 12Morris, Why Not?
April 19Morris, Chants for Socialists - Number 3: All for the Cause
April 26Morris, The Dull Level of Life
May 17Morris, A Factory As It Might Be
May 17Morris, The Propaganda Fund
May 24Morris, Individualism at the Royal Academy
May 31Morris, A Factory As It Might Be - II
June 7Morris, Chants for Socialists - Number 4: No Master
June 21Bax, Socialism and Religion
June 28Morris, A Factory As It Might Be - III
July 5Morris, The Propaganda Fund
July 12Morris, To Genuine Radicals
July 19Morris, The Housing of the Poor
July 26Morris, The Propaganda Fund
August 2Morris, The Propaganda Fund
August 9Morris, Socialism in England in 1884
August 16Bax, Socialism and the Sunday Question
September 6Morris, Uncrowned Kings
September 6Morris, Social Democratic Federation To The Trades Unions (William Morris et al)
September 20Morris, The Hammersmith Costermongers
October 11Morris, An Appeal To The Just
October 11Morris, Literary Courtesy: To The Editor Of Justice
November 15Morris, The Lord Mayor's Show
November 28Morris, The Hackney Election
December 6Bax, A "Free Press"
December 20Morris, Philanthropists
July 20Bax, The Constitution-Mongers
July 27Bax, King and People
August 3Bax, A Constitution on its Beam Ends
August 10Bax, The Legislative Assembly
August 17Bax, The 10th of August
October 25Bax, The Opening of Paris
November 1Bax, The Bastille
November 8Bax, The Constitution-Mongers
November 22Bax, King and People
November 29Bax, A Constitution on its Beam Ends
December 6Bax, The Legislative Assembly
December 13Bax, The 10th of August
July 9Lafargue, The Morrow of the Revolution I
July 16Lafargue, The Morrow of the Revolution II
April 28Karl Kautsky, A Reactionary Republic
April 6Hyndman, The International Workers' Congress and the German Social-Democrats
July 29Harry Quelch, The New International
July 29Anon, The International Workers’ Conference
March 29Bax, A Word for the Men
June 15Bax, The Economic Prelude in the Provinces
June 22Bax, The Literary Prologue
July 6Bax, The Opening of Paris
July 15Bax, The Bastille
August 24Bax, The First Paris Commune and the September Massacres
August 31Bax, The National Convention
September 7Bax, Trial and Execution of the King
September 14Bax, The Death Struggle Between Mountain and Gironde
September 21Bax, Concerning Matters Economic
September 28Bax, The Fall of the Gironde
October 5Bax, The Sansculottes in Power
October 12Bax, The Dictatorship of the Commune
October 24Bax, The International Situation
October 26Bax, The Terror
November 2Bax, The Fall of the Hébertists
November 9Bax, The Rule of Robespierre
November 16Bax, Thermidor
November 23Bax, The Reaction Begins
November 30Bax, The Babeuf Conspiracy and the end of the French Revolution
December 7Bax, The Reaction Progresses
December 14Bax, The National Property
December 21Bax, Conclusion
May 9Bax, Personal Explanation
May 30Bax, The Socialistic Situation
June 27Bax, The German Party - Its Misfortunes and its Faults
June 27D. Campbell, An Open Letter to the Pope
November 14Bax, The Ethics of Socialism
December 19Bax, Fabianism
April 16Bax, Discipline and Indiscipline
April 30Bax, After the Eight Hours Bill
June 18Bax, Internecine Divisions in the Socialist Party
October 29Bax, Political and Social Democracy
April 15Bax, Two Question Begging Saws
May 13Bax, The Zurich Resolutions
June 24Bax, Germany shows the way
July 8Bax, Accursed Word of Command
July 8Bax, Royalty and Revolution
August 19Bax, The New International
August 26Bax, Equality not Privilege
October 14Bax, Rule of the Small Middle Class
November 25Bax, Reasonable Social Democracy
January 27Bax, Paris Commune 1
February 24Bax, Paris Commune 2
March 3Bax, Paris Commune 3
March 10Bax, Paris Commune 4
March 17Bax, Paris Commune 5
March 31Bax, Paris Commune 6
April 14Bax, Paris Commune 7
April 21Bax, Paris Commune 8
May 5Bax, Logic for Socialist Lecturers
May 12Bax, Paris Commune 9
May 19Bax, The New Gospel
June 2Bax, Paris Commune 10
June 16Bax, Missionary and Mercantile Enterprise
June 23Bax, Laissez-Faire Outflanked
July 7Bax, Paris Commune 11
August 4Bax, Paris Commune 12
August 11Bax, Paris Commune 13
August 25Bax, Paris Commune 14
September 8Jaurès, Capital Punishment
September 22Bax, Paris Commune 15
November 10Bax, The Late Czar
November 24Bax, Paris Commune 16
December 1Bax, Paris Commune 17
 Walter Crane, The Worker's Maypole
April 20Bax, Dead Sea Fruit
June 1Lafargue, The Chino-Japanese War
June 8Bax, Religion and Socialism
July 27Bax, The Woman Question
August 17Bax, Bebel's Women and Socialism
August 24Bax, Frederick Engels
September 14Bax, International versus National Socialism
October 19Bax, The Cult of Abstractions
November 2Critical Chronicle — Socialism and “Free Love”
November 16Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Exchange with Bax
November 23Bax, "Free Love" and Socialism - A Criticism
November 30Bax, The Everlasting Female Again!
December 7Bax, The Debate on Women Or Sex
December 14Bax, Aliens
JanuaryHyndman, America for the United States
January 11Bax, Socialist Ethics and Abstinence
January 18Bax, The Proposed Debate
February 15Bax, Socialism and Foreign Politics
May 1Bax, The True Aims of Imperial Extension and Colonial Enterprise
June 6Eleanor Marx-Aveling, The Other Side of the Picture
June 13Bax, Ideologic Social Forces
June 27Bax, South Africa Again
July 11Wilhelm Liebknecht, A Message From Liebknecht
July 11Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Procession of Children for the Hyde Park Peace Demonstration
August 15Wilhelm Liebknecht, Our Recent Congress
September 5Eleanor Marx-Aveling, French and German Classes for the SDF
October 31Eleanor Marx-Aveling, The Gotha Congress
November 7Bax, Our German Fabian Convert; or Socialism according to Bernstein
November 21Bax, The Socialism of Bernstein
November 21Eleanor Marx-Aveling, The Proletarian in the Home
November 28Bax, The Late Friedrich Engels and the Woman Question
November 28Bax, Our Fabian Philosopher
January 9Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Socialist Municipalities and Communes in France
January 16Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Suggestions for Propaganda Work
January 30Bax, Morals, Economics and Politics
February 13Bax, A Word to Herbert Burrows
February 13Bernstein, What Marx Really Taught
March 6Laura Lafargue, Eleanor Marx Aveling, Karl Marx's "Capital"
March 6Drakoules, Greece and Social-Democracy
May 1Bax, Decline of Militarism
May 1W. Liebknecht, The First of May in Germany
September 4Bax, One Reactionary Mass
November 27Bax, Bourgeois Scholarship and "Dangerous" Doctrines
January 29Bax, Barbarism and Civilisation
January 29Avelings, Letter on health of Eleanor and Edward Aveling
May 1Bax, War and Markets
May 1W. Liebknecht, The First of May in Germany
May 21Jaurès, French Elections
July 9Bax, Marxophobia
July 16W. Liebknecht, Social-Democracy in Germany
July 30Bernstein, What Drove Eleanor Marx To Suicide
August 6Bax, Bismark
August 13Bax, Italian Prisoners’ Fund
August 20Bax, Old London Again
August 20W. Liebknecht, International Socialist Workers and Trade Union Congress
February 11Bax, English Barrister
February 11Bax, The True Inwardness of the Peace Crusade
February 25Bax, Cross-Examination
March 25W. Liebknecht, To My Friends in England
May 1Zetkin, The Workers International Festival
May 20Bax, Imperialist Extensions and Socialist Intentions
May 27Bax, Robespierre
May 27Jaurès, Socialist Unity
June 10Bax, Maximum
August 26Bax, Socialism and Dogma
September 30Bax, Socialism and Dogma
October 28Bax, Jews, Boers and Patriots
November 4Bax, Jews, Boers and Patriots 2
December 2Jaurès, Madness
March 31James Connolly, Bruce Glasier in Ireland
May 12Zetkin, May Greetings from Stuttgart
May 19Bax, British Freedom
May 26Bax, Wanted, A New Morality?
August 25Bax, Must it be?
September 22W. Liebknecht, A Bad Quarter of an Hour
October 13Bax, Paris Congress
October 27Bax, Reflections on Comrade Rickert
February 16Bax, Blacks, Whites and Fads
May 1Bax, Patriotism
May 25 James Connolly, Justice And Millerand
July 13Bax, The Queen’s Hall Meeting
July 20Kautsky, On Bernstein, excerpts from Neue Zeit
July 27Bax, Socialism and Pro-Boers
August 3Bax, Boer, Briton and Zulu
August 24Bax, The Decencies of Controversy
August 31Bebel, W. Liebknecht
September 7W. Liebknecht, How It Could Be Done
September 21Bax, Religion v Ethics
October 26Bax, How the Governing Classes Write History
November 2Bax, Sentiment and Judicial Murder
November 23Lafargue, The Boycott
December 7Bax, The Death Penalty
March 1Bax, Ferri and the Woman Question
March 29James Connolly, The Irish Socialist Republican Party and the Dewsbury Election
May 3Bebel, The Situation in Germany
July 5Bax, Hysterics In Political Discussion
August 30Bax, A Personal Explanation
September 20Bax, A Personal Explanation
February 28Bax, Fossil Remains
March 14Kautsky, Letter
May 30Bax, Shall there Be Two Socialist Parties?
June 13Lafargue, Capitalist Property
October 3Bax, Class-Consciousness and Class-War
October 24Bax, Man and Superman - Shaw
November 7Bax, Preaching and Practice
November 14Bax, The Breeding of Genius
December 26Bax, A Personal Explanation
January 30Bax, Immorality in the Potteries
February 27Lafargue, Letter
February 27Bax, Comrade Hyndman’s War Manifesto
February 27Kautsky, Wardour Street Economics
March 12Bax, Russia and Japan
April 16Bax, Baneful Fallacy
April 23Kautsky, On the Problems of the Jewish Proletariat in England
May 6G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 1
May 13G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 2
May 20G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 3
May 27G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 4
June 6G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 5
June 10G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 6
June 17G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 7
June 24G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 8
July 1G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 9
July 8G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 10
July 15G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 11
July 22G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 12
July 16Bax, National Ideals and the Pest of Patriotism
July 29G. Jaeck, 40th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association 13
September 10Bax, Liberty and Labour
September 24Bax, The Ethics of Socialism
December 31Bax, Beyond Selfish and Unselfish
January 14Bax, Christianity and Socialism
February 4Bax, Christianity and Socialism
February 18Bax, Christianity and Socialism
July 15Hyndman, State Socialists and Social-Democrats
July 22Bax, Our Foreign Policy
August 5Bax, Kings and Socialists
August 12Bax, Materialist Conception of History
August 28Bax, Socialism and Asceticism
February 10Bax, Mr Morley and the National Workshops of ’48
March 31Bax, National workshops of ’48
April 14Bax, Morocco
April 14Bax, Socialist Ethics and Private Charity
April 28Lafargue, Britain coming into line (Letter to Quelch)
June 2Bax, Labour Party Humbug
June 30Bax, Continuity - Voilà l’Ennemi
August 25Bax, Moral Book Keeping by Double Entry
August 25Bax, Why Attack Religion
September 22Bax, Socialism and Religion
November 17Bax, Socialism and the Family
January 26Rothstein, Parliamentarism and the Working Class
January 26Bax, Socialism and the Family (letter)
February 23Rothstein, Russian Elections
March 9Rothstein, The New Duma
March 23Beer, “Militarismus und Antimilitarismus”, [a review]
March 30Rothstein, Social Democrats and Their Tactics In The Russian Duma
March 30Montefiore, Women Should Vote
April 20Rothstein, The Russian Duma and Liberal Treachery
May 4Bax, Labour Day and Imperialism
May 4Bebel, England and Germany
May 11Beer, The Class War
May 18Bax, The Rayner Question
June 22Rothstein, The Russian Coup d'état
July 14Montefiore, Misrepresented Finnish Women
July 18Bax, Patriotism and Ethics
July 20Bax, Review of John A. Hobson, The Evolution of Modern Capitalism
August 24MacLean, Reflections of Belfast
September 14Bax, The International Congress and Colonial Policy
September 21Rothstein, Revisionist Misrepresentation
October 5Bax, Soleiland and the Death Penalty
October 5Bax, A Protest
October 12K. Boris, The Electoral Manifesto of the Jewish “Bund”
October 26K. Boris, The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund
October 26Montefiore, Unemployment Among Women. The Guildhall Conference
November 2Montefiore, Liberal Limitations
November 2K. Boris, The Jewish Proletariat in Russia – Ten Years of the Bund
November 9Montefiore, Socialist Women’s Bureau
November 16Rothstein, The Third Duma — a Retrospect and a Prospect
December 7MacLean, Capitalist Solidarity and the Army
December 7The Fight Against Socialism. Bond or Free Love?
December 14Herbert Burrows, Bax And The Woman Question
December 14Social Democratic (S.D.F.). Manifesto on the Question of Universal Adult Suffrage
December 14MacLean, The ‘Great Contradiction’ of Marx
December 14MacLean, Time-saving and Karl Marx
December 14Rothstein, The Socialist Annual (Letter)
January 18Bax, Pity the Poor Papist
February 8Rothstein, The Debate on Unemployment
February 29Maclean, Socialist Unity
February 29Rothstein, The Communist Club
March 7Rothstein, The “Short and Simple” Non-Conformist Bill
March 9Rothstein, The Socialist Annual
April 4MacLean, Education in Scotland
May 2Kautsky, The International First of May
May 9K. Boris, May Day in Russia. Manifesto of the “Bund.”
May 23MacLean, Education in Scotland
May 23K. Boris, 4,000 Stocking Workers in Wilno and Witebsk (Russia) on Strike
June 6Bax, Internationalism and Bourgeois Foreign Politics
July 11Rothstein, His Majesty’s Opposition
July 11Rothstein, That Yellow Book
August 29Bax, The Case of Gott
September 5Montefiore, Capitalism’s Refuse Heap
September 12August Bebel, A Justification of Our Position
September 17Rothstein, Peace or Revolution
September 19MacLean, An Affair of Outposts
September 19August Bebel An Explanation
October 3Quelch, My Mission to Germany
October 10Zelda Kahan, War Between England and Germany
October 17Rothstein, The Debacle
October 24Rothstein, The Shame of England
November 21Katayama, Socialism in Japan (a letter to Hyndman)
December 5MacLean, Great Britain and Germany
December 5Rothstein, Max Beer and the Labour Opportunists
December 12Dawson, An Open Letter to Max Beer
January 9Montefiore, What Every Socialist Woman Should Know
January 16Montefiore, Two Finnish Women Who Speak for Adult Suffrage
January 23Montefiore, The Party and Adult Suffrage
February 13Bax, Socialist Administration
February 20Montefiore, A Victory for French Women Workers
February 27Montefiore, Politics and Prayers
February 27Montefiore, Adult Suffrage Report
March 20Montefiore, A Russian Woman Comrade
March 27Montefiore, Women’s Circle Column
April 3Montefiore, The Anti-Sweating Bill
April 10Montefiore, The Sublime Slanderer
April 17Montefiore, Report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws
April 24Montefiore, The Children’s Charter
May 1Zetkin, For Adult Suffrage
May 1Montefiore, Spring Musings
May 8Montefiore, LADIES and the Suffrage
May 15Bax, Burrows as a Feminist
May 15Montefiore, Items of Interest
May 15Montefiore, Socialist Women’s International Bureau
May 22Montefiore, The International Social-Democrats Greetings to the Russian Czar
May 29Montefiore, Socialist Women in Russia
June 5Montefiore, Blackburn S.D.P.
June 5Bax, Socialism as the Palladium of Individual Liberty
June 7Montefiore, The London Congress of the International Alliance for Women Suffrage
June 12Montefiore, Items of Interest from Other Countries
June 19Montefiore, The Latest Play of the Stage Society
June 26Montefiore, Municipal Laundries
June 26MacLean, A Piece of Class Injustice
July 3Montefiore, Socialist “Help”
July 10Montefiore, The Central Branch Dinner
July 10Petroff, Anglo-Russian Repression in Persia
July 17Montefiore, “The Englishwoman”
July 24Montefiore, “Women’s Work and Wages”
July 24Petroff, The Persian Revolution
July 31Petroff, The Czar’s Finger Prints In Persia
July 31Anon, The Czar’s Finger-Prints in Persia: Colonel Liakhoff’s letters
July 31Bax, Machiavelli Isn’t In It
July 31Montefiore, The National Service League
August 7Petroff, The Revolution in Persia
August 17Montefiore, Czardom, and What It Means to the World
August 21Bax, Contemptible Methods
August 21Montefiore, Professor Lester P. Ward
August 28Montefiore, Universal Suffrage
September 4Montefiore, The Evolution of Sex
September 18Bax, A Different Interpretation
September 18Montefiore, The Ten Disciples
October 2Montefiore, The Plot Thickens
October 9Zetkin, German Socialist Women's Movement
October 23Montefiore, Report of Women’s Socialist Bureau (British)
October 23Bax, The Legal Subjection of Men
October 30Montefiore, Franchise Fancies
November 6Montefiore, “A Dismal Warren of Social Wretchedness”
November 13Montefiore, The Feeding of School Children
November 20Montefiore, The Wiles of the Anti-Socialist
November ’07-’09Montefiore, Report of Socialist Women’s Bureau (British)
November 27Montefiore, Report of Adult Suffrage Society
December 4Montefiore, Untitled Letter
December 11Montefiore, The Political Comedy
December 18Montefiore, Adult Suffrage
December 25Montefiore, To Men and Women Comrades
January 1Montefiore, The Lesser Evil,
January 15Montefiore, The Fight for Free Speech In America
January 22Montefiore, Burnley
January 29Montefiore, American Social-Democratic Women and Suffrage
February 5Montefiore, The Present-Day Psychological Influence of Women
February 12Montefiore, The Present-Day Psychological Influence of Women
February 12MacLean, The Socialist Vote
February 12Petrov, Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — I
February 19Montefiore, Unemployment Among Women
February 19Petrov, Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — II
February 19Petrov, Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — III
February 19Petrov, Russian Revolution and Counter-Revolution — IV
March 5Montefiore, Problems of Divorce
March 12Montefiore, A Socialist, as usual, Points the Way
March 19Bax, The Gaggers
March 19Montefiore, A Word about Poetry
March 26Montefiore, The Coming General Election
April 2Montefiore, Our Women’s Circle
April 9Petrov, Contrasts
April 9Montefiore, Anti-Socialists
April 9Rothstein, Fraternal Democracy
April 16Montefiore, Pageants
April 23Montefiore, The Midwives Bill and Poor Law Relief
April 30Bax, Some reflections on the International Movement
April 30Kautsky, England and Germany
May 14Bax, Woods on Women
May 28Montefiore, Mrs Montefiore in New York
June 4Bax, Re Woods
June 11Petrov, Russia and Finland
July 2Hyndman, The SDP and Marx and Engels
July 23Montefiore, The ‘Conciliation’ Bill
July 23Anon, The Copenhagen Congress
August 6Montefiore, The Final Solution
August 6Bax, Thorne and the Police
August 20Montefiore, The Meaning of Milwaukee
August 20Bax, Democracy
August 27Hyndman, The Tyranny and Corruption of Liberal Bureaucracy
September 3Petroff, An Explanation
September 3Anon, The International Congress
September 10Quelch, The Copenhagen Congress
September 17Bax, The Right of Asylum
September 24Bax, Congress Procedure
October 1Montefiore, Belated Prophets
October 29Petroff, Grey’s Folly in Persia
November 12Montefiore, The Family as the Unit of Society
November 12MacLean, Inflation
November 26MacLean, Wages and Prices
December 3Bax, The Maximum
December 17MacLean, The ‘Maximum’
December 17Montefiore, Messina Two Years After the Earthquake
December 31Bax, The Maximum
January 14 MacLean, Proposals for Action
January 21Petroff, The Anti-Alien Crusade
January 21 Hyndman, Pacifism and German Aggression
January 28 Rothstein, The German Menace: Some Preliminary Remarks
February 4 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Figment of the Balance of Power
February 7 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Smaller Nationalities and the Sanctity of International Treaties
February 18 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Fortification of Flushing
February 25 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Fortification of Flushing. Continued
March 4 Rothstein, The German Menace: Flushing
March 11 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Quarrel Over Morocco
March 18 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Quarrel Over Morocco. Concluded
March 25 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Balkan Crisis
April 1 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Expansion of the German Navy
April 1 MacLean, The Strike at Singer's
April 8 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Campaign against Germany
April 15 MacLean, End of Strike at Singer's
April 15 Rothstein, The German Menace: The Object of British Policy and its Dangers
April 29MacLean, The Rise in Prices
February 18Bax, Some Considerations on Democracy
April 15Montefiore, Labour in Power I
April 22Montefiore, Labour in Power II
April 29Montefiore, Labour in Power III
April 29Montefiore, How I Became a Socialist
April 29Bax, Internationalism
April 29Kautsky, War and Peace
May 6Montefiore, Labour in Power IV
May 6Montefiore, Australian Workers Condemn the Coronation
May 6MacLean, Notes from the North
May 13MacLean, Democracy and the Coming Coronation
July 22Bax, Patriotism v. Socialism
July 29MacLean, A Scotsman on the Rhondda Dispute
August 5Bax, Patriotism and Socialism
August 12Fisher, Reply to Bax
August 12Jaurès, The Portuguese Republic
September 9Bax, Patriotism v. Socialism
September 16Bax, The Maximum
September 23Bax, Patriotism v. Socialism
September 23Quelch, Congress of the Social Democratic Party at Jena
September 23Unsigned, The Forthcoming Election
September 23Anon, Persia
October 7Luxemburg, To Unity Conference of Socialist Organisations in Manchester
October 14Montefiore, An Important Report for Scientific Socialists
November 11MacLean, Scottish Notes
November 18Montefiore, The Eight Hours’ Demonstration in Sydney
December 9Anon, An Appeal from the Persian Socialists
December 16Petroff, The Russification of Persia
December 16Anon, The Crime against Persia
December 16Anon, The Russification of Persia
December 30Bax, Essential Socialism Again
January 20Bax, Marriage Under Socialism
February 10Bax, Marriage Under Socialism
April 6Montefiore, Across the Indian Ocean
April 13Montefiore, Letter to the Editor
March 30Bax, Suffrage Outrages
May 4Bax, Pagan Socialist
May 4Kautsky, The First of May and the Struggle against Militarism
June 1Kautsky, Disarmament and Colonial Policy (letter)
June 29Bax, Socialism and the Catholic Church
July 6Bax, Spargo, Marx and Bax
August 3Montefiore, A Parliamentary Election in South Africa
August 17Bax, Socialism and Catholicism
September 28Petroff, The Old International
October 5Bax, Hyndman, Quelch, International Socialist Congress of 1913
October 19Montefiore, The Working Class Movement in the Colonies
November 9Montefiore, Womanhood Suffrage
November 30J.H.W., The Basel Congress
December 7Montefiore, Resolution Adopted by the International Committee of the B.S.P.
January 18Anon, B.S.P. In East London
January 18Hyndman, Social-Democracy Wins!
January 18Quelch, What is the Matter with Socialism?
January 18Rothstein, “Our” Food Supply
April 12Montefiore, Correspondence
April 19MacLean, The Co-operative Union and the Labour Party
August 2Quelch, London For Socialism
September 27Bax, Harry Quelch
September 27Anon, Congress of the German Social Democratic Party at Jena
November 1Rothstein, Revelations
January 15Bax, 1884-1914
January 22Bernstein, Our Thirtieth Anniversary
January 22Kautsky, Our Thirtieth Anniversary
April 9Bax, Religion of the Possessing Classes
August 6Maclean, The Scottish Coal Crisis
September 14Maclean, The War and Its Outcome
September 16Bax, German and Prussian Domination
October 1Tom Quelch, The War and Its Outcome
October 1Kautsky, Preparations for Peace
November 12Karl Liebknecht/Rosa Luxemburg/Franz Mehring/Clara Zetkin: German SDP and the War
November 19Zetkin, The Duty of Working Women in War-Time
December 17Karl Liebknecht, Liebknecht ’s Protest Against the War Credits
January 28Bax, Internationalism and Patriotism
April 22Bax, The German S.D.P.
May 6Bax, War Reflections - I
May 13Bax, War Reflections - II
July 1Bax, Compulsion
September 30Bax, The German Situation I
October 7Bax, The German Situation II
December 23Hyndman, Who and What is Peter Petroff?
December 30MacLean, Concerning P. Petroff
January 6Bax, Internationalism, Nationalism and Patriotism
January 13Hyndman, The Imprisonment of Petroff
January 20J.D Macdougall, Letter
January 27Petroff, Reply to Hyndman
May 25Bax, Internationalism and Anti-Nationalism
September 28Bax, A Profound Work with a Bad Title
October 11Montefiore, An Open Letter to the Primate
18 JanuaryBax, Law of Maximum
15 FebruaryBax, F.J. Gould and the Jews
1 MarchBax, The Law of Maximum
8 MarchBax, The Means and the End
22 MarchBax, F.J. Gould's National Socialism
17 MayBax, Plechanoff and the Marxian Historical Theory
26 JulyBax, The Law of Maximum
20 SeptemberBax, The Law of Maximum
29 NovemberBax, The Law of Maximum
24 JanuaryBax, The Law of Maximum
31 JanuaryBax, The "Herd Instinct"
14 MarchBax, Lawyers And Judges
18 AprilBax, The Majority as Standard of Value
16 MayBax, Capitalism and the Class War
6 JuneBax, Letter to Otto Rühle
13 JuneBax, Benedetto Croce
27 JuneBax, George Plechanoff (obituary)
4 JulyThe Manifesto of the German Independent Social Democratic Party Against Imperialism
28 NovemberBax, The Present Situation
19 DecemberBax, The Woman Question and Marxian Historical Materialism
30 JanuaryBax, Barbarism, Civilisation and Socialism
27 FebruaryBax, Germany and the Political Situation
27 Februaryunsigned, Obituary for Kurt Eisner
13 MarchBax, Critical Chronicle: The Death Of Kurt Eisner
20 MarchBax, The Outlook in Germany
24 AprilBax, The Question of "Maximum"
4 SeptemberBax, The Soul of the German People
2 OctoberBax, Sentiment and the National State
25 DecemberBax, Huns and Hungarians
15 JanuaryBax, Capitalist Government and Socialist Administration
19 FebruaryBax, Religion and Labour
26 AugustBax, Two Bolshevist Intellectuals
2 DecemberPlaton E. Drakoules, The End of Venizelism
3 FebruaryBax, The Evolution of Revolution
10 FebruaryBax, 1884 and 1921
23 JuneBax, The Evolution of Law
22 SeptemberBax, An Industrial Magnate's Ideal
25 MayBax, Military Service
22 JuneBax, The League of Nations
26 OctoberBax, "Poison" and Preparedness
7 DecemberKautsky, War Guilt
7 DecemberBernstein, On the Russian and German Revolutions
8 FebruaryBax, Justice and the Early Days of the SDF
8 FebruaryKautsky, Methods of Peace-Making
24 MayBax, Puritanism and Labour
31 MayBax, Socialism and the League of Nations
14 JuneBax, Limits to Majority Rule
14 JuneBax, War and the League
28 JuneBax, The Consistency Tag
23 AugustBax, The Armed Nation
13 SeptemberBax, The Helpless League of Nations
1 JanuaryBax, Forty Years After (1884-1924)
10 AprilBax, Present Day Enemy Principles
10 AprilKautsky, The League of Nations
19 JuneC.V., Trotzky's Memorandum on the Russian Communist Party
3 JulyBax, Labour Party and Puritanism
18 SeptemberBax, League of Nations as a Reality


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