Justice December 1911


Source: Justice, 16 December 1911, p.2;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

The International Socialist Bureau has issued the following circular to the secretaries and delegates of the affiliated Parties: –

Dear Comrades, – You are aware of recent events in Persia. Concerning this we have received the following two telegrams, a copy of which we sent at once to the delegates in England and in Russia who are directly concerned: –

“Teheran; December 5, 1911;

“We protest energetically against the barbaric libertinism of Anglo-Russian diplomacy, bringing into Persia the tyrant Mahomed Ali, and thus aiding in the triumph of reaction.

“At present, by their ultimatum, they dip their hands in the blood of the Persian people, by taking their independence from them, by overthrowing the Constitution, and trampling on the rights of civilisation.

“Join us in protesting against this act of brigandage.


* * *

“Stamboul, December 7, 1911.

“The oldest element of human civilisation, Persia, which has up to now made heroic, efforts to raise itself and to again become a factor of progress, is at the present moment the victim of an attack which constitutes a crime against the honour of Humanity itself. The Russian Government, not content with the full satisfaction given to its first ultimatum, has just sent a second ultimatum to Persia, which can only be called a crime of lèse-humanity and lèse-civilisation. We again draw the attention of all those who have the sentiment of the dignity and the rights of the people at heart to this crime, and we beg them to unite with us to resist by all possible means this cruelty of the Middle Ages, which is a disgrace to present day civilisation. History, the supreme judge, will record the attitude that the civilised world takes towards the crime which is about to he committed against our country.


Already our English comrades, as they did before, have started energetic action, as is proved by the following letter from Keir Hardie:

“December 7, 1911.

“Dear Comrade, – Thanks for yours enclosing copy of telegram from Teheran. I have always, regarded the situation in Persia as much more serious than the war between Turkey and Italy. An influential committee of members of the House of Commons has been formed to render every possible help to the Persians, and on Monday next the whole question will be discussed in Parliament. I have already spoken on the subject in the House of Commons, and other members of the Party will do so next Monday.

“Yours faithfully,


We shall be grateful if you will publish these telegrams, and do whatever you can, either by means of meetings or Parliamentary intervention, to support the efforts of the Persian Democrats.

The Executive Committee of the I.S.B.
CAM. HUYSMANS, Secretary.