Index to the Issues of ‘The Vanguard’
in the National Library of Scotland

The following index of Vanguard for 1915 and later in 1920 when it was revived, was taken from the National Library of Scotland which apparently has the only approximately full set in the British Isles as they are not found elsewhere in COPAC. It has been copied from the issues there by Allan Armstrong to whom the Marxist Internet Archive are very grateful. There must be, somewhere in Scotland, a copy of both the first issue and the eleventh, probably in different depositaries. Alas, all the fifth issue (Jan 1916) were seized by the police and destroyed and if one does turn up it will probably be in the National Archives derived from the Security Services. The MIA would be most interested to learn where copies of any of these missing issues are. They are probably not catalogued as such but simply listed as various or miscellaneous in personal collections somewhere. The selection by his daughter, Nan Milton, does not include anything from the three missing issues and her collection, which was her father's, makes up part of the N.L.S. catalogue, the other part coming from Harry McShane's collection. Nothing seems to have been deposited in copyright libraries.

Issue no 1 (no copy in N.L.S.)


Issue no. 2 October 1915

Thistle Stings     p. 1
Miners Beware     p. 1
An Open Letter to the German Social Democracy – signed by the Foreign Committee of the Lettish Social Democrats, Aug. 1915     p. 2
Vancouver Island State Strategy – George Pettigrew     p. 2-3
The Mystery – Douglas Deuchar     p. 3
Our Freedom is Going – John Maclean     p. 4-5
The Fight for Freedom in Glasgow – John Maclean     p. 5
“German Gold” – James D. MacDougall     p. 5
Marxism and the War – J.B. Askew     p. 6-7
The Railway Shops Settlement – Industrial Unionist     p. 7
International Socialism     p. 7
Appeal to the Clyde Munitions Workers – James D. MacDougall     p. 8
Marx on the Franco-Prussian war – John Maclean     p. 8

Issue no. 3, November 1915

The Breakdown of the International – Peter Petroff     p. 1-2
Hyndman versus Marx     p. 2,10
The Need for a Revolutionary Ideal – J.B. Askew     p. 3
German Industrial Development – John Maclean     p. 4,7
The Clyde Unrest – John Maclean     p. 5
The Threat of Conscription – John D. MacDougall     p. 5
The Threat of Conscription – A.F. MacIntosh     p. 5
The Raising of the Rents     p. 6
Position of Women After the War – John D. MacDougall     p. 7-8
Women Engineers – a letter from Weir’s Worker     p. 8-9
The Balkan Problem – Peter Petroff     p. 9
Notes from Aberdeen – G.D.C.     p. 10
ABC - A Dialogue - Scottish Charter Circular     p. 10
Free Speech Fight in Glasgow – Arthur McManus     p. 10

Issue no. 4, December 1915

John Maclean Trial     p. 1-2
Stirring Events in Glasgow     p. 2-3
Resolution from Weir’s Shops Stewards – E. Shinwell     p. 3
Rent Victories     p. 4
The Munitions Act     p. 4
The Conscription Menace – James D. MacDougall     p. 5
“Justice,” Irving and The B.S.P. – James D. MacDougall     p. 5
Rebuilding the International – Peter Petroff     p. 5-6
Resolution on Zimmerwald for B.S.P. Branches to Support     p. 7
‘Justice,’ Irving and The B.S.P.     p. 7
The Press Gang     p. 7
Dalmuir School Affair     p. 7
Letter to the Editor – Perplexed     p. 7
Workers Deputation to the Sheriff     p. 7
The Glasgow Prosecution of A Socialist – Dan Irving     p. 8
Hyndman v. Marx – (Continued from last month)     p. 8
On outrages by Australian troops, a Parliamentary exchange 12 November     p. 8

Issue no 5 – January 1916? – seized by the police (no copy in NLS)
Report ‘Christmas Pantomime’ of the December 25th meeting in St. Andrews Hall addressed by Lloyd George (mentioned in issue no 6)
The transcribers suggested attributions to John Maclean in brackets - (JM) are of course speculative and should not be authoritatively credited to Maclean).

Issue no. 6, May 1920

A Fighting Programme Needed (J.M.)     p. 1
Sample of ‘Irish Bulletin’ – from Daily Herald, Daily News, Manchester Guardian, London Times     p. 2
Will Italy and France Face Collapse     p. 2
Economics of Cooperation, A Measure of Value – Economist (Scottish Cooperator)     p. 3
Banking on Bolshevist Britain     p. 3-4
‘The Vanguard’ Resurrected – John Maclean     p. 4
May Greetings to Russia     p. 1
The Cradle of Revolution – G. Zinoviev     p. 5-6
Production after the Revolution – M. Strumitin from ‘New way’ no 1-2, organ of the Council of the National Economy and the Economic Commissariat of the Communes of the North     p. 6-7
An Industrial Army – Its Origins, Its Purposes and Significance     p. 7
Moscow Economic Congress     p. 7
Trotsky on the Labour Army – Golevsky, Lakpskov     p. 8
Hands Off Russia     p. 8
The Oath of the Red Army     p. 8

Issue no. 7, June 1920     p. 1

The Fighting Programme Welcomed (J.M.)     p. 1,5
The Irish Fight for Freedom (J.M.)     p. 2
Russia’s Triumph     p. 2
Letter to Glasgow Trades Council – John Maclean     p. 3
Letter to Foreign Secretary – John Maclean     p. 3
Appeal to the Workers of America, Kieff soviet of Workers and Soldiers’ Deputies President, Andre Ivanoff     p. 3
The Coming war with America     p. 3,8
Supremely Important Conference – John Maclean     p. 4
The Situation Reviewed     p. 5
Press Poison – Dora B. Montefiore     p. 5
Housing Subsidies     p. 5
Lenin the Seer – M. Katz     p. 6
The Trade Union Congress and Direct Action – Tom Mann     p. 7
Robert Smillie – Tom Mann     p. 7
How Wages Are Calculated     p. 8

Issue no. 8, July 1920

Scotsmen Stand by Ireland (J.M.)     p. 1,8
The Fighting Programme Spreading (J.M.)     p. 2
Socialism and Increases production and Scientific Management – P.M. Marshall     p. 2
Savage Sentence for Sinn Feiner – Alexander Ross     p. 3
An Attempt to Get to Russia – John Maclean     p. 3
Some “Why’s” to Put “Guys” Wise – John Owen, A.S.E.     p. 3
And Sure “Jack Sharps” for the Stream of Life – John Owen     p. 3
The World Situation (J.M.)     p. 4-5
Capitalist Political Prisoners – Dora B. Montefiore     p. 5
The Passing of the A.S.E. – Tom Mann     p. 6
One Big Union     p. 6-7
The Scottish Labour College     p. 7
The Trades Council Letter – John Maclean     p. 7
How Profits are Made     p. 8

Issue no. 9, August 1920

Full front page cartoon – The Greatest Deed in British History – Up Ireland, Up Scotland, Up India     p. 1
Up Canada! (J.M.)     p. 2
Up India!     p. 2
Still the Fighting Programme (J.M.)     p. 3
The World Survey     p. 4-5
A New Educational Outlook – James Clunie
An Open Letter by Dora B. Montefiore to W.S. Churchill.     p. 5
Irish Stew     p. 6
A Miners’ Victory on Ireland     p. 7
The Battle of Motherwell – John Maclean     p. 7-8
Marvellous British Energy     p. 8
Notices     p. 8

Issue no. 10, September 1920

Full front page cartoon – The Impartial Referee     p. 1
The Highland Land Seizures – John Maclean     p. 2-3
The Raiders’ Letter to Robert Munro – Donald Campbell, Murdo Graham     p. 3
Celtic Communism – R. Erskine of Mar     p. 3
The Situation at the Moment     p. 4-5
Scotch Broth     p. 5
The Irish Situation (J.M.)     p. 6-7
Belfast and Derry – G.M.L.     p. 7
Letter from Dublin     p. 7
The League of Nations Union – George Nicholson     p. 7
The Essence of Working Class Education – James Clunie     p. 8
The Miners’ Ballot     p. 8
Advert for 'Liberty' - the Scottish National Journal     p. 8

Issue no 11, October (no copy in N.L.S.)
Issue no. 12, November 1920

Full front page cartoon – Another One-Sided Coalition     p. 1
The Invincible Power of Revolutionary Labour – James Cunie     p. 2
A Clan Gathering – Liam MacGille, I.O.S.A.     p. 2
The Swearing of the Greenwood     p. 2
This Is The Stuff To Give ‘Em – Address by J. M'Menemy     p. 3
The Coal Strike     p. 3
The General Outlook (J.M.)     p. 5
The Irish Tragedy – John Maclean     p. 5-6
Celtic Communism – R. Erskine of Mar     p. 6
Lord Weir and Lloyd George     p. 6-7
The Unemployed – John Maclean     p. 7
United States Balance of Trade     p. 7
Literary Notes, Review of Tom Johnston’s ‘History of the Working Classes in Scotland – R. Erskine of Mar     p. 7
Stray Straws     p. 8
Letter for Scottish Labour College – W. M'Laine     p. 8

Issue no. 13, December 1920

Lloyd George, Francis Gribble and Sir Auckland Geddes Blow the Gaff (J.M.)     p. 1-2
Is It the Doom of Europe – J.L. Hammond     p. 2-3
Celtic Communism – R. Erskine of Mar     p. 3
The Crucifixion of Ireland     p. 3
The General World Situation (J.M.)     p. 4
Tom Mann Still At It     p. 5
The Work of a Communist – James Clunie     p. 5
Unemployment (J.M.)     p. 6-8
The Third International’s Twenty Three Points     p. 6
A Scottish Communist Party – John Maclean     p. 7
Workers to the Rescue of Ireland – John Maclean     p. 7-8
The Great Steel Strike of America: Its Failure and Success – Tom Mann     p. 8
Advert for 'The International', organ of the Communist Section of the I.L.P.     p. 8