Vanguard December 1915

Resolution on Zimmerald

Source: Unattributed, This resolution on Zimmerald for B.S.P. branches to support has no title to it, Vanguard, December 1915, p. 7, (223 words). It was probably composed by either Maclean or Petroff or jointly written by them;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

“We, the members of the ............ branch of the British Socialist Party, congratulate the International Socialist Conference at Zimmerwald, Switzerland, upon the issue of a manifesto that puts the position of the world’s workers in the only possible form consistent with Socialist principles and humanitarian sentiments.

“We absolutely and determinedly agree that this bloody war, with the death and permanent mutilation of millions of good men, must cease at once.

“We are equally convinced, that it is a capitalist war, the result of imperial ambitions in all the first-class belligerent countries.

“Nothing but death, wounds, and sorrow is the lot of the workers, whilst profit and plunder generally are scooped in by large sections of the capitalist class.

“When the war ceases and trade is again dislocated, many millions will be thrown out of work to starve if the ruling class still holds sway over the wealth-creating, property of the world.

“We, therefore, in the name of the workers, pledge that we will unceasingly strive for the instant socialisation of the world’s land and means of production as the only possible remedy for militarism, warfare, poverty, and all the other scourges of modern society.”

This resolution has been passed and forwarded to Robert Grimm, Berner Tagwacht, Berne, Switzerland, by Glasgow District Council, British Socialist Party, and Pollokshaws, Paisley, South Side, Central and Anderston branches.

Other Socialist and trade union branches are urged to pass and send on the same resolution, and to notify the Editor, “Vanguard,” when it has been done, in order that intimation of the fact may be given in these pages.

Two identical handwritten letters, one dated 13.11.15 from J. Lenore 35 Harriet Street, Pollockshaws was found in the security files together with an exactly similar letter in a different hand by R Maxwell from 9 Johnston St, Paisley Branch (undated).